The Dashing Stag

Travarian Trade Airship


Vital Stats

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Derelict: 44
Destroyed: 52
Critical: 15
Ramming: 15
Armor: 13
Weapons: Light Ballista x5, Thunderbolt Thrower x1
Equipment: Fire Sheath



Rank Title Name Race Discipline Primary Weapon Armor Other Gear
1 Captain Stilicho Human 4th Circle Warrior Adept Broad Sword Thorin’s Plate Armor Crystal Raider Shield
2 1st Officer Kerick Human 3rd Circle Sword Master Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Shield/Steel Helm
3 2nd Officer Ardor T’Skrang 4th Circle Taildancer Adept Thunder of Upandaal Ch’Tard’s Prism Tail Mace
4 Master of Arms Draiden Human 3rd Circle Warrior Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Shield/Steel Helm
4 Navigator Dremnin Human 4th Circle Scout Adept Elven War Bow / Sidste Flytte Blood Pebble Sidste Væg
4 Chief Engineer Dagmar Troll 4th Circle Weaponsmith Adept Troll Sword Crystal Ringlet Crystal Raider Shield
4 Cadence Officer Quorra Human 4th Circle Troubadour Adept Long Sword Chain Mail None
4 Quartermaster Stolod Quartermaster Traveled Merchant Crossbow Chain Mail* Shield / Iron Helm
4 Cook Suulin Human 4th Circle Troubadour Adept Broadsword Padded Leather Bolas
4 Able Airman Urgral Dwarf 4th Circle Horror Stalker Adept Purifier Forged Plate Mail Helm / Shield
4 Chief Sorcerer Vridich Elf 4th Circle Nethermancer Adept Broadsword Padded Leather, Espagra Cloak Eye of Dusk
5 Able Airman Fafnir Dwarf Traveled Scholar Dwarf Sword Chain Mail Shield / Iron Helm
5 Able Airman Hakka Human 4th Circle Air Sailor Adept Battle Axe Chain Mail* Steel Helm / Shield
5 Sorcerer Hannah Human 1st Circle Nethermancer Adept Sling Hardened Leather None
5 Able Airman Harod Ork 2nd Circle Sky Raider Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail* Iron Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Illario Human Experienced Airman Long Bow Chain Mail* Iron Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Kang T’Skrang 2nd Circle Boatman Adept Broadsword (Forged 1) Chain Mail Iron Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Korack Troll 4th Circle SkyRaider Adept Troll Sword Chain Mail Iron Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Lunella T’Skrang 1st Circle Taildancer Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Steel Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Osrak Ork 3rd Circle SkyRaider Adept Scythan Axe Chain Mail Steel Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Quinn Human Master Scout Adept Long Bow Hardened Leather Long Sword
5 Able Airman Solara Elf 4th Circle Archer Adept Elven War Bow Chain Mail / Iron Helm None
5 Cook’s Assistant Taran Human 1st Circle Thief Adept Short Sword Hardened Leather Iron Helm
5 Able Airman T’hom T’Skrang 2nd Circle Boatman Adept Broad Sword (Forged 1) Chain Mail Iron Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Tekil Human 5th Circle Warrior Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Sheild / Iron Helm
5 Able Airman Wheeler Human 2nd Circle Warrior Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Steel Helm / Shield
5 Able Airman Womax Human Able Bodied Airman Broad Sword Chain Mail Iron Helm / Shield
5 Sorcerer’s Assistant Zetta T’Skrang 1st Circle Elementalist Adept Broad Sword Chain Mail Iron Helm

Former Crewmen

Name Race Discipline Status
Arrius Human Experienced Airman Died in The Battle of the Temple of Rashomon
Eldwulf Dwarf Master Weaponsmith Retired to Bartertown
Veranda Human Red Shirt Died in the Storm of the Onman Pass

Ward Room

This is the planning room and library aboard the The Dashing Stag where The Unchained and the senior officers of the The Dashing Stag work together to plan and research. This includes the library of the Dashing Stag (which is attached to the Ward Room) where The Unchained store a plethora of books that they have gathered during their adventures. In addition, the back of the Ward Room houses the quarters for The Unchained as well as Kerick and Fafnir.


Note: Dashing Stag has 27 Duari in cargo space.


Classification Quantity Description
Armor 7 Footman’s Shield
Armor 3 Iron Helmet
Armor 1 Hardened Leather
Potion 13 Booster potion
Potion 7 Healing Potion
Weapon 7 Short sword
Weapon 14 Broadsword
Weapon 10 Spear
Weapon 1 Halbred Axe
Weapon 1 Crossbow
Weapon 21 Javelin
Weapon 10 Long Bow
Weapon 30 Sheaf Arrows (25 Quivers) 500 arrows
Weapon 10 Short Bow
Weapon 30 Flight Arrows (50 Quivers) 1000 arrows
Trophy 33 Bronze arm ring
Equipment 1 Physician Kit (4 refills)
Equipment 1 Healing Kit (4 refills)

Treasury (Locked Chest in Ward Room)

Logged As Amount Remaining
Starting Ship Fund +500sp 500sp
Haven Trip +800sp 1300sp
Rashomon’s Temple +225sp/15gp 1525sp/15gp
Sale of the Blue Albatross +1,094gp 1525sp/1109gp

An extra bank of oars on the Fleet Cerena adds 1 point of speed at the cost of 3 duari of cargo space.

The Fleet Cerena (now Dashing Stag) most closely resembles a 17th century two-masted schooner, including rigged sails to the bowsprit. Most airships constructed in the Barsaive province are heavily influenced by Crystal Raider drakkars. The Fleet Cerena is the evolution of Travarian shipbuilding changing to take advantange of sail power.

Distinctions of the ship include full windows across the back of the captain’s cabin, two short (two-sail) equal-sized masts raked back, open side decks on the cargo level, pectoral sails and masts port and larboard, and heavy rigging above and below. Her red/yellow chequed sails have elemental air woven into the fabric. An Elementalist is needed to effect sail repair (half magic test TN 7, takes 1 hour per sail). But the elemental air makes them resistant to fire.

The top deck is open from bow to 3/4 of the length of the ship. The poop deck sits atop the captain’s cabin and stateroom, and the ship’s wheel is located there. Under those is the cargo hold, mid-deck, and officer quarters. Struts support stable platforms, as well as a single causeway down the center over the keel in the main cargo hold. The front half of the cargo hold is partitioned thusly:

  • A compartment immediately behind the bow is setup as officer quarters, and secured storage.
  • Between the officer’s quarters and cargo hold is the mid-deck, open on both sides and surrounded by a waist-high railing, forming a secondary firing platform and avenue to load cargo.

The Fleet Cerena was built in the Travarian shipyards less than 5 years ago. She was commissioned by Omasu of the Overland Trade Company as a messenger vessel. An interesting choice of words for a civilian vessel that was built as a blockade runner.

Two years ago, the Fleet Cerena was attacked by Stoneclaw raiders when the ship sailed too close to the Twilight Peaks on a westerly bearing. Uncharacteristic for a ship with no armaments, the captain and crew fought like devils and died to a man. The captain’s log was not recovered. No cargo showed a value in proportion to the effort the crew put into the ship’s defense.

Now the Fleet Cerena has reappeared as the Dashing Stag, manned by Stoneclaw moot members and men of Konigsberg. Its sails have been dyed deep navy blue. It flies the flag of The Konigsberg Wolf above the main, forward mast. This flag is the provincial flag of Konigsberg and the ancestral flag of Stilicho Alaricson, the Ealdorman of Konigsberg, and has not changed since times dating back times long before the Scourge. It too is a deep navy blue with a silver wolfs head displayed in the center.

Below the flag Konigsberg Wolf on the main mast, flies the flag of the Stoneclaw Moot, which is traditionally flown below the symbol of the owner or commander of a Stoneclaw ship, which in this case is Stilicho. It can also be given to merchants or name-givers who have permission to fly unmolested through Stoneclaw territory, functioning as a flag of passage for them. The flag is universally recognized by Stoneclaw moot members, and can even be respected by other moots, such as some clans of the Swiftwind Moot. The symbol on this flag has represented the Stoneclaws since prior to the Scourge.

Flying high above the rear mast, is the bold flag of Ardor Zomay Skram, which was recently added to the mast per his request. Ardor is a Thane in the Kingdom of Throal, is the third officer on The Dashing Stag and one of The Unchained. This flag depicts his hammer, the Thunder of Uplandal, and is adorned with the symbol of The Unchained and a dragon, which symbolizes something only a few name-givers not on the Dashing Stag are aware of.

  • A point of distinction is that air sailing in the province of Barsaive primarily uses one of two methods of locomotion – slave life force (Theran) and oarsmen (all others). The act of manning and pulling the oars creates an interaction between the magic inherent in the pattern of the airship that resonates with the magic of the adept, creating locomotive force. A move toward sail power in the air caused ship builders in Travar to find innovative means of resonating adept magic with sails.

The Dashing Stag

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