Stilicho Alaricson

Human Warrior Adept and Prophet of Rashomon


Pronounced: [still-a-ko]
Stilicho is the prophet of Rashomon
Stilicho is the Eldorman of Konigsberg
Stilicho is the captain of The Dashing Stag
Stilicho is a member of the Steelskull Clan of the Stoneclaw Moot
Stilicho is the moot grandson of the legendary Tago Steelskull
Stilicho is a Water Sharer of the Ayodhya Life Rock
Stilicho is considered a hero in the town of Haven
Stilicho is considered an ally of The Hand
Stilicho is considered an ally of Throal

Discipline: Warrior Circle: 6th Race: Human Gender: Male
Age: 20 Hair: Brown Skin: White Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6’ 5" Weight: 255 lbs Beard: Short/Groomed Features: Chiseled

Special Abilities

Karma: May Spend 1 Karma On Any Strength Or Dexterity Tests
Racial Ability: Versatility
Strength: Ignores Up To 2 Steps Of Initiative Penalties From Heavy Armor
Deflection: Armor Provides 2 (5 With Shield) Point Deflection Bonus Versus Armor Defeating Hits
Half Magic: On Military Tactics and Strategy
Half Magic: On Barsaive Military History
Half Magic: On Recognizing Warrior Orders, Famous Warriors Or Ancient Warriors
Half Magic: On Recognizing Ancient Or Famous Weapons And Armor
Half Magic: On Weapon And Armor Repair
Battle Rites may be used to eliminate strain for any talent once per round.
The Royal Mantle Provides +1 To Any Charisma Based Tests for Leadership and Inspiration
Horn Needle provides a +3 bonus on Toughness and Spell Defense tests resisting poisons or disease for 2 Strain.
Horror Fend provides a +3 bonus to Spell and Physical defense when fighting horrors or horror constructs.
Stilicho has 6 points of blood magic damage from the Horror Fend and Horn Needle.


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 16 7 d12
STR 16 7 d12
TOU 15 6 d10
PER 10 5 d8
WIL 11 5 d8
CHA 16 7 d12


Initiative: 6/d10 Physical Defense: 9
Physical Armor: 10 Spell Defense: 10
Mystic Armor: 3 Social Defense: 16
Death Rating: 92 Recovery Tests: 3/d10
Unconscious: 72 Knockdown: 6/d10
Wound Threshold: 10 Movement: 6
Max Karma: 30 Current Karma: 30

Discipline Talents ( Talent Costs)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Anticipate Blow Simple 1 Dex 7 8 15 d12+2d6
Life Check Free 0 Tou 6 1 7 d12
Melee Weapons Standard 0 Dex 7 8 15 d12+2d6
Parry Free 1 Dex 7 7 14 2d12
Unarmed Combat Standard 0 Dex 7 6 13 d10d12
Wood Skin Standard 0 Tou 6 6 12 2d10
Wound Balance Free 0 Str 7 6 13 d10d12
Temper Self Sustained 0 Will 5 6 11 d8d10
War Weaving Standard 0 Per 5 6 11 d8d10
Karma Ritual - - - 6 - -

Talent Options ( Talent Costs)

Talent Karma? Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Air Dance No Free 1 Dex 7 8 15 d12+2d6
* Air Sailing No Sustained 0 Wil 5 6 11 d8d10
* Air Speaking No Simple 1 Per 5 3 8 2d6
*Battle Shout No Simple 1 Cha 7 4 11 d8d10
*Bear Mark No Free 1 Wil 6 6 12 2d10
Fireblood No Standard 0 Tou 6 3 9 d6d8
* Great Leap No Free 0 Dex 7 4 11 d8d10
* Lasting Impression No Standard 0 Cha 7 3 10 2d8
* Leadership No Sustained 0 Cha 7 3(0) 10 2d8
Shield Charge No Free 1 Str 7 7 14 2d12
Swift Kick No Simple 1 Dex 7 3 10 2d8
Tactics No Standard 0 Per 5 6(4) 11 d8d10
Tiger Spring No Free 1 - 5 - -
* Wind Catcher No Standard 0 Wil 5 5 10 2d8
Durability (9/7) - Sustained - - 6 - -
Versatility - Sustained - - 7 - -

Questor Powers – Rashomon (Rank 5)

Power Action Duration Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Last Breath Standard Permanent Cha 7 5 12 2d10
Eminent Forbearance Sustained Rank Minutes Cha 7 6(5) 13 d10d12
Inspire Perseverance Standard Rank Hours Cha 7 6(5) 13 d10d12

Skills ( Skill Costs)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Barsaive History Sustained 0 Per 5 1 6 d10
The Passions Sustained 0 Per 5 3 8 2d6
Read Write Language Sustained 0 Per 5 2 7 d12
Speak Language Sustained 0 Per 5 2 7 d12
Etiquette Sustained 0 Cha 7 2 9 d6d8
Street Wise Sustained 0 Cha 7 2 9 d6d8
Diplomacy Sustained 0 Cha 7 2 9 d6d8
Conceal Object Standard 1 Dex 7 1 8 2d6
Trick Riding Simple 1 Dex 7 1 8 2d6
Resist Taunt Free 1 Cha 7 3 10 2d8
Momentum Attack Simple 0 Dex 7 3 10 2d8
Carving Standard 0 Dex 7 1 8 2d6
Swimming Standard 0 Str 7 1 8 2d6


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic, Troll Throalic, Troll


Weapon Size Forged STR Step Wpn Step Total Dice
Scythan Axe 3 3 7 9 16 2d8d10
Broadsword (Throalic) 3 3 7 8 15 d12+2d6
Short Sword 2 2 7 6 13 d10d12
Hunting\Carving Knife 1 1 7 1 9 d6d8


Armor Physical Mystic Init Penalty Def Bonus
Thorin’s Plate Mail 10 0 0 0
Helm Of Iron Will 0 2 0 +2
Crystal Raider Shield 3 3 1 +3

Other Items

Item Value Location +Notes
Royal Mantle Unknown Back Expensive Royal Blue cloak with gold laced Phoenix on back.
Gold Medallion of Rashomon Unknown Worn closely around neck. Ancient gold medallion of the phoenix of Rashomon with red rubies for eyes.
Gold Arm Ring 750sp Fits tightly to Left Arm Covered with Theran runes, won in conquest of ‘Thera`s Pride’
Gold Arm Ring 750sp Fits tightly to Right Arm Covered with strange runes, won in Battle of The Reach.
Silver Arm Ring 75sp Fits tightly to Left Arm Smooth polished arm ring, won in conquest of ‘Blue Albatross’
Bronze Arm Ring 20sp Fits tightly to Left Arm Orkish runes. Taken from head jailor during escape from Rashomon’s Temple
Leather Boots 40sp Feet Black leather boots with iron strips sewn into lining.
Leather Gloves 35sp Hands/Belt Tight fitting soft leather gloves dyed navy blue.
Leather Sword Belt 20sp Waist Black leather sword belt, with attached leather pouches.
Concealed Coin Pouch 12,313sp On front/inside of belt Also hidden using conceal object when in public.
Stilicho’s Leather Travel Pack 25sp Over shoulder Holds other gear


Reputation: Stilicho seeks to establish a heroic reputation that will make his name one that is spoken all across Barsaive. His father used to say that reputation is everything. He believes that to be true and sees his growing reputation as a way to maintain the hope of his people of his eventual triumphant return. Now that he is the prophet of Rashomon, Stilicho sees this as another reason to work to make himself a legend. The more people talk about Stilicho and his heroics, the more often the return of Rashomon will be discussed and the more Elfric’s tenuous hold on the throne of Konigsberg becomes.
Justice: Stilicho seeks to impose justice on those who he deems to need it. The cruel, dishonorable and evil beings he comes across he views as his enemies and he seeks to bring them to justice… which usually means to the sword. Stilicho was born and raised as the son of an Ealdorman in the province of Konigsberg. His father (Alaric) and brother (Sarus) were killed as a result of treachery. Elfric betrayed the oath he took to Alaric, which was to support Stilicho as Ealdorman in Koningsberg should Alaric die. Instead, Elfric betrayed his oath and took over as Ealdorman for himself, sending assassins to kill Stilicho on multiple occasions. Stilicho seeks to reestablish himself as the rightful Ealdorman, and take remove his uncle from power. As a result of the betrayals, Stilicho seeks to impose justice on those he deems to be dishonorable and in need of justice. This is especially true for Elfric, who Stilicho beleives must die for his crimes.
Faith: Stilicho seeks to spread the word and faith of Rashomon while destroying the dark presence of Raggok and his corrupt followers. Stilicho’s father Alaric, instilled in him the ways of the warrior and teachings of Thystonius and Rashomon. Stilicho’s ancestors were followers of Rashomon and Stilicho has ever been drawn to discover more about Rashomon’s ultimate fall and maddness during the Scourge where he was said to have become the mad passion Raggok.
Loyalty: Stilicho is devoted, dedicated and fanatically loyal to his friends, allies and family. This includes his men, The Unchained, his family, the people of Konigsberg, the Stoneclaw Moot and anyone else who he feels are his allies. Stilicho was born into a largely human society in Konigsberg where a man’s oath is a sacred thing and honor is a way of life. That changed little when he was captured by the Steelskull Clan and became a member of the Stoneclaw Moot. His upbringing was very similar in belief system to the troll moots in the Twilight Peaks. His character history is splashed with situations where dishonorable or disloyal acts has caused him and those close to him considerable grief.

Magic Items

Mantle Of The Phoenix
Bonded at 4 Ranks
+2 Social Defense
+2 Leadership
+2 Tactics
Helm of Iron Will
Bonded at 2 Ranks
+2 Spell Defense
+1 Social Defense
+2 Mystic Armor
Clasp of The Unchained
Bonded at 1 Ranks
+4 Social Defense


Devotion Points: 1,000 Total Legend Points: 91,375 Current Legend Points: 350

Stilicho’s Acts Of Devotion


The Chronicles Of Stilicho

Origions, Childhood, Family, Upbringing, The War Path, The Fall.

Into Twilight
Capture, Enslavement, New Life

Betrayal, Battle, Honor, Destiny

Blood Red Snow
Battle of Derinkuyu Ridge

The War Begins
Battle of The Reach

Path to Throal
The Unchained Next Move

Fortune Favors The Bold
The Hunters Will Be Hunted

The Death of Thera’s Pride
Battle of Lake Pyros

A Warrior’s Heart
A Soldier Is Born

Storms Of Haven
Voyage to Haven, A Crewman Lost

A Light In The Dark
The Burden Of Leadership, Love In The Air

Haven’s Pain
The Posession Of Haven

The Abomination
Fight With The Horror of Haven

Haven’s Heroes
After The Fight With The Abomination

Roinak Returns
The Dragon Is Hatched, Roinak Returns Alone

The Dragon And The Stag
Stilicho’s Dragon Speech

Veranda Returns
Veranda Returns From The Land Of The Dead

Lord Of The Dance
The Veranda Decision

Dying Of The Light
An Assassin Strikes

The Gray Light Of Dusk
Rise From Death

The Rise of The Pheonix
Rashomon Returns

Battle of the Blue Albatross
The Ambush of Trejack’s Ship

The Hard Way
The Fight for Rashomon’s Temple Begins

Dust In The Wind
Rashomon’s Temple is Sanctified. Arrius is slain.

Brighter Days Ahead
Reflections on the horrors. Rashomon’s influence grows.

Darkened Skies
Back to Throal with Trejack, a Theran Behemoth is spotted.

The Rising Sun
An exhausted crew travels back to Throal

Phantasmal Nightmare
Training With The Hand

We Lucky Few
An Ember Turns To Flame

An hidden enemy receives justice.

Stilicho Alaricson

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