6th Circle Human Scout, Questor of Astendar


Dremnin is a human male, now 21 years old, stands 6 feet in height, weighs 180 pounds, has medium length, dark brown hair, green eyes and tanned skin. He is above average in appearance, with a kind and gentle face; a forgettable face that allows him to better blend into a crowd. His manner is generally light-hearted and humorous, with a quiet, introspective side that enjoys sunsets, as well as parties thrown by his close friend Skram, a Questor of Floranuus. Dremnin is right handed, and is an accomplished musician who favors the mandolin. He is most at home in the wilderness.

He has a largish body frame, and prefers dark green, grays and browns in his clothing. His clothing is made of fine materials and is of high quality, which acknowledges his patron Passion, Astendar, the Passion of Love, Music and Art. He also wears a simple, magic, full grey cloak and hood. The clasp and brooch are made from gold, with the brooch being in the shape of a leaf made from jade and the gold outlining the edges of the leaf. He carries a sturdy old haversack over his shoulder for keeping useful adventuring items close at hand.

His current role with the group is as navigator and helmsman for the air ship Dashing Stag.

The young scout also wears a pair of magical boots given to him by the King of Throal. These fine boots are made from the hide of espagra, the dragon-like, flying predators. Because of their origin, espagra boots are usually bright blue, interwoven with brown leather. The espagra scales also give the boots a brilliant luster, a trademark of espagra-skin products. Similar in appearance to espagra saddles, these boots are often worn by those whose work requires stealth, secrecy, and great agility.

The scout also wears a Saracen style helmet and has blood pebble armor imbedded on his body. Blood Pebbles are a form of living elemental armor. Hundreds of small elemental stones are embedded in the character’s skin, drawing power from the magic in his blood. These pebbles are not implanted on the head or neck.

Dremnin is further armed with Sidste Væg, an ancient dwarven round footman’s shield with a hammer emblazoned on it. It belonged to a pre-Scourge Dwarven Thane to the King of Throal and is a magical pattern item.

In addition, Dremnin has the Thane’s short sword, Sidste Flytte, which is also a magical pattern item. The blade is pattern-welded (bluish damascus), it has a short blocky crosshilt of a shiny bronzish alloy, with matching alloy on the pommel. The pommel is shaped like a pyramid, point down forming a short spike. Old Throalic runes on the hilt carry the meaning “protection”. The grip is some kind of dark stained hide, cracked somewhat. Covers the actual handle well enough that without unbinding the hide the actual handle is not visible. The scabbard is designed to belt at the waist for a cross-body draw and designed for a right-hander. The body of the scabbard is a lightweight metal alloy, pale – almost white – that displays no hammer marks. It is smooth and polished, though not reflective. More of the bronzish alloy bands it near the top and at the bottom tip. The runes indicate Derin’s ownership and family lineage.

As a last ditch weapon, Dremnin carries an ancient dagger and scabbard which came from the armory of the first Kaer he helped liberate from a Horror.

Rounding out the scout’s melee weapons and armor is a Scythan axe called the mareka. The mareka is a one-handed weapon featuring a single axehead. On the side opposite to the blade, the weapon has a small sharpened hook. The mareka shows the true pragmatism of the dwarfs of ancient Scytha, as the hook side can be used for climbing (the latter providing a +1 bonus to any Climbing Test where the hook or spike proves useable). The weapon is also referred to as “knee-crusher,” as it saw frequent use in the early wars that the Scythan dwarfs fought against larger foes such as trolls and ogres. The ancient dwarf blessing “May a shield be above your head, and may you strike straight” is more literal than it might first appear when it is applied to the mareka.

In ranged weaponry, Dremnin carries the magical pattern item Ozidani Carranasto, a great war bow crafted from the bones and sinews of a griffon. It’s name is in Sperethial, “to leave behind stillness.” The arrows are three to four feet long, fletched with feathers, and are thicker and heavier than conventional longbow arrows.

Discipline: Scout Circle: 6th Race: Human Gender: Male
Age: 21 Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Tanned Eyes: Green
Height: 6’ 0" Weight: 180 lbs Racial Ability: Versatility


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 18 7 d12
STR 15 6 d10
TOU 15 6 d10
PER 19 8 2d6
WIL 15 6 d10
CHA 11 6 d10


Initiative: 7/d12 Physical Defense: 11(14)
Physical Armor: (11) Spell Defense: 10
Mystic Armor: 5(8) Social Defense: 7
Death Rating: 64/80 Recovery Tests: 3/d10
Unconscious: 49/65 Knockdown: 6/d10
Wound Threshold: 10 Movement: 6
Max Karma: 35 Current Karma: 35

Talent Knacks

Astral Tracking – The adept can track a target in Astral Space.
By the Fingernails – If the adept fails a Climb test, roll again.
Identify Tracks – The adept may determine the number and type of beings being tracked.
Secret Language -
Shadow Hide – The adept conceal himself in nearby shadows.
Swinging Move – The adept can swing from ropes using Climb.
Traceless Stride

Discipline Talents ( Talent Costs)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Karma Ritual - - - 7 - -
Astral Sight Simple 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Climbing Standard 0 7 7 14 2d12
Empathic Sense Standard 1 6 - - -
Evidence Analysis Sustained 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Navigation Sustained 0 8 7(10) 15(19) d12+2d10
Search Standard 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Scout Weaving Standard 0 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Speak Language Standard 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Track Standard 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Wilderness Survival Standard 0 8 7 15 d12+2d6

Talent Options ( Talent Costs)

Talent Karma? Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Animal Talk Yes Standard 0 8 2 10 2d8
Avoid Blow No Free 1 7 8(11) 18 d12+d10+d8
Detect Trap No Standard 1 8 5 13 d12+d10
Disarm Trap No Standard 1 7 5 12 2d10
Durability No - - - 7 - -
Evaluate No Standard 0 8 5 13 d12+d10
Lock Picking No Standard 0 7 3 10 2d8
Melee Weapons No Standard 0 7 7 14 2d12
Missile Weapons No Standard 0 7 - - -
Parry No Free 1 7 3(5) 12 2d10
Resist Taunt No Free 1 6 6 12 2d10
Silent Walk No Simple 0 7 8(11) 18 d12+d10+d8
Steel Thought No Simple 1 6 7 13 d12+d10
True Shot Yes Standard 0 7 2 9 d8+d6
Wind Catcher No Standard 0 6 4 10 2d8
Versatility No - - - 7 - -
Blood Share (Faradthiel) Yes Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
Thought Link (Faradthiel) No Standard 1 8 2 10 2d8
Familiar Durability (Faradthiel) - - - - 4 - -

Questor Powers

Power Action Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Enchanted Gift Sustained 6 3 9 d8+d6
Instill Love Sustained 6 3 9 d8+d6
Return Youthful Spirit Standard 6 3 9 d8+d6

Skills ( Skill Costs)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Mapmaking (A) Sustained 0 6 3 9 d8+d6
Musician (A) Sustained 0 6 2 8 2d6
Speak Language Standard 0 8 2 10 2d8
R/W Language Standard 0 8 2 10 2d8
Barsaive Geography (K) Standard 0 8 <1> 9 d8+d6
Fishing Sustained 0 8 1 9 d8+d6
Picking Pockets Standard 0 7 2 9 d8+d6
Swimming Sustained 0 6 2 8 2d6
Trade Routes (K) Standard 0 8 <1> 9 d8+d6
Air Sailing Sustained 0 6 2 8 2d6


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic, Theran Throalic, Human, Ork, Slave Signing, Troll, Theran, T’skrang, (Three Slots Open)


Weapon Size Forged STR Step Wpn Step Total Dice
Scythan Axe 3 3 6 5 14 2d12
Sidste Flytte 2 0 6 4 10 2d8
Dagger 1 1 6 2 9 d8+d6
Elven Warbow 5 0 6 5 11 d10+d8
Ozidani Carranasto 5 0 7 12 19 d12+2d10


Armor Physical Mystic Init Penalty
Blood Pebble Armor 5 3 -1
Sidste Væg 6 3 -1
Saracen Open Helm 0 0 0


Item Value Location Description
Blood Pebble Armor 300 Implanted on Body Found in Kaer Derin Kuyu Armory
Garlthik’s Getaways ??? On Feet Gift from King of Throal
Dremnin’s Cloak ??? On Shoulders Gift from Daughter Hannah; +2 Hide/Immune Snow/Wet
Sidste Væg ??? Left Arm Shield from Crypt of Derin Kuyu
Saracen Open Helm ??? Head Found in Kaer Derin Kuyu Armory
Sidste Flytte ??? Left Side Shortsword from Crypt of Derin Kuyu
Ozidani Carranasto ??? Slung on Back Gift from King of Throal
Scythan Axe 20 Right Side From the Dimension of Selenys’ Lair
Elven Daggers 2 Belt & In BackPack From Kaer Derin Kuyu Armory (Forged)
Unchained Group Broach ??? On Neck Chain Group Pattern Item for the Unchained
Cloaksense Broach 350 Implanted on Clothing Ambush Warning within 10 yards, 1 Strain
Horn Needle 450 Implanted on Body +3 Toughness Tests/Spell Defense vs. Poison/Diseases
Horror Fend 500 Implanted on Body +3 to Physical/Spell Defenses vs. Horrors/Constructs
Gems 730 In Neck Pouch Emergency Currency
Gold 38 In Sea Chest 5 from Crypt of Derin Kuyu/ 33 from Temple of Rashoman
Silver 1,979 In Sea Chest Working Cash
Map Making Kit 200 In Sea Chest Fine Quality with Hand Tooled Leather Case
Death Cheat 450 In Sea Chest Not Active
Huntsman’s Boots 700 In Sea Chest Keeps Feet Dry/+5 miles to Walking Daily
Fire Starter 100 In Backpack From Theran Attack on the Reach
Traveller’s Mug 350 In Backpack Fills with cool water once per day
Divining Rod 75 In Backpack +3 Bonus to Wilderness Survival to Find Water
Small Light Quartz 75 In Belt Pouch From Kaer Derin Kuyu
Potions, Poltices & Salves 2,025 In Backpack Various healing remedies
Celtic Harp & Mandolin 600 In Cabin Master crafted instruments, +1 music skill
Magma Beast Teeth, Horns & Claws ??? In Sea Chest From Lost Crystal Mine
Flask of Elemental Water ??? In Sea Chest From Lost Crystal Mine


Faith: in the Passion Astendar
Loyalty: To close friends and companions
Hatred: Of Therans/Slavery
Love: Of Music


Total Legend Points: 156,267 Current Legend Points:7,317

Astendar Devotion Points: 350 (+400 total at Reach)
Acts of Devotion:
Major(100): Returning Hannah’s youthful spirit
Minor(50): Playing the mandolin at the Temple of Floranuus
Minor(50): Playing the mandolin with Veranda at the Temple of Floranuus
Major(100): Created an incredible piece of sheet music for the mandolin.
Minor(50): Created a stirring chantey.
Minor(250): 5 successful Enchant Gift power uses
Minor (50): Created an Enchanted Gift to match Dagmar with a Reach troll.
Major(100): Enchanted Gift to get Rorik a new wife.


Initiated to 1st Circle Scout by Human Master Scout Quinn Longstride
Raised to 2nd Circle by Ork Scout Hrath Barad.
Raised to 3rd Circle by Troll Journeyman Scout Jorund Farseer
Raised to 4th Circle by Human Master Scout Quinn Longstride
Raised to 5th Circle by Human Master Scout Quinn Longstride
Raised to 6th Circle by Human Master Scout Quinn Longstride
Trained to 1st Circle Scout, the troll hunter Wanjin Shortaxe.

Unchained Group Bond – Level 4 – Navigation

Questor of Astendar (Rank 3) (Enchanted Gift, Instill Love, Return Youthful Spirit)
Member of the Steelskull clan of the Bloodlore moot.
Water Sharer of the Ayodmya Life Rock.
Hero of Haven.

Dremnin’s Helm and Shield give him a +8 Deflection Bonus in combat
Cloaksense Brooch active to help warn of ambush

Dremnin has suffered 4 points of blood magic damage for Blood Pebble Armor.
Dremnin has suffered 3 points of blood magic damage for a Horn Needle.
Dremnin has suffered 3 points of blood magic damage for a Horror Fend.
Dremnin has suffered 2 points of blood magic damage for the Group Bond.
Dremnin has suffered 4 points of blood magic damage for his bond to Faradthiel.

LP taken for stories up through “I Am An Air Sailor”; Private Journal thru 7/25/13


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