Ardor Zomay S'kram

T'skrang Journeyman Tail Dancer & Questor of Floranuus


Ardor Zomay Skram is a young, tall, lean T’skrang. Even at the young age of 17 years he has taken on the look of a veteran adventurer. Although his youthful smile, a toothy grin only a T’skrang can have, can quite commonly be seen.
Skram small head shot
His movements are smooth and graceful even for his kind. His thickly muscled bare arms show the scares of battle and from the whips of slavery on his medium blue skin. As with most T’skrang he does not wear shoes gaining more balance from his clawed three toed feet digging in to the dirt.

To display his wealth and status he wears two twisted wire arm bands called torques. One on his left arm made of gold that he found in the underground city made by Daren Kuyu. The other is made of silver and worn on his tail. He won this one for defending the reach from slavers. He also wears a necklace made of silver and a gold ring on each hand that he has found during his adventures.

He commonly wears bright colored loose fitting shirts and knee length pants. His wardrobe is filled with colors but favors reds and oranges. Skram often wears a fine quality blood red elven cloak with vines and leaves of green and gold embroidered into it. When he chooses to cover his head plume he wears a wide brimmed red hat with two long dark blue feathers.

Over his bright clothes he wears his armor, Ch’tards Prism. A pattern Item made of living crystal ring mail that shines with blues, purples, reds, orange, and yellow colors. His helm is an old battered open face helm made of dark steal with bronze trimmed around the edges. His friend Stilicho had it remade for him with an opening for his head plume and his jaws to stick out, it is not fancy or shiny but it is sturdy. Skram decorates his leather Items with multi-colored fish, items like his arm braces and his hammer harness.

Skram has two weapons that most people would see him carrying just passing him on the street. Like his Nial founder, the late great Han Kray Zomay, he wears a small mace head mounted on the end of his tail. Lots of T’skrang mount weapons on their tails, but Skram has the skill to make the most of it as a tail dancer. The main weapon that he carries is the War Hammer of Derin Kuyu. This is a large two-handed weapon with a double-sided steel heads. It has a long handle made of a dark wood with silver decorative rings down the shaft.

  • Thane of Throal
  • Questor of Floranuus
  • Hero of Haven
  • Member of The Steel Skull Clan
  • Member of The Unchained
  • Friend of the Ayodmya Life Rock
Discipline: Taildancer – School of Ch’tard Circle: 6th Race: T’skrang Gender: Male
Discipline: Air Sailor Circle: 2 Hair: None Skin: Blue Eyes: Blue
Age: 18 Height: 5’ 11" Weight: 190 lbs Racial Ability: Tail Combat


Stat Value Step Dice
DEX 19 8 d2d6
STR 16 7 d12
TOU 16 7 d12
PER 13 6 d10
WIL 13 6 d10
CHA 15 6 d10


Initiative: 10 Physical Defense: 11
Physical Armor: 8/10 Spell Defense: 13
Mystic Armor: 10 Social Defense: 8
Death Rating: 102(95) Recovery Tests: 3/d10
Unconscious: 85(78) Knockdown: 6/d10
Wound Threshold: 11 Movement: 6/7
Max Karma: 30 Current Karma: 30

Discipline Talents ( Talent Costs)

Talent Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Karma Ritual - - - 7 - -
Acrobatic Strike Simple 1 8 8 16 d12+d8+d6
Avoid Blow Free 1 8 8 16 d12+2d6
Melee Weapons Standard 0 8 10 18 d12+d10+d8
Unarmed Combat Standard 0 8 8 16 d12+d8+d6
Maneuver Standard 0 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Tail Dance Simple 1 8 6 14 2d12
Tail Weaving Standard 0 6 7 13 d12+d10
Wound Balance Free 0 7 6 13 d12+d10
Engaging Dance Standard 1 6 7 13 2d10
Air Dance Free 1 8 3 11 d10+d8
Air Sailing Sustained 0 6 3 9 d8+d6
Climbing Standard 0 8 3 11 d10+d8
Distract Standard 0 6 3 9 d8+d6

Talent Options ( Talent Costs)

Talent Karma? Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Parry No Free 2 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Durability(7/6) - - - - 9 - -
Taunt No Simple 1 6 6 12 2d10
Great Leap No Free 1 8 3 11 d10+d8
Gliding Stride No Free 1 8 7 15 d12+2d6
Speak Language No Standard 1 6 3 9 d8+d6
Read Write Language No Standard 1 6 3 9 d8+d6
Questor of Floranuus No NA 0 - 2 - -

Questor Powers

Power Action Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Increase Speed Sustained 6 3 9 d8+d6
Increase Stamina Sustained 6 3 9 d8+d6
Speed Ship Standard 6 3 9 d8+d6

Skills ( Skill Costs)

Skill Action Strain? Attribute Step Rank Step Dice
Dancing (A) Sustained 0 6 5 11 d10+d8
Speak Language Standard 0 6 2 8 2d6
R/W Language Standard 0 6 1 7 d12
Legends and Heroes (K) Standard 0 6 6 12 2d10
Storytelling (A) Sustained 0 6 3 9 d8+d6
Etiquette Sustained 0 6 5 11 d10+d8
Swimming Standard 0 7 4 11 d10+d8
Air Sailing Sustained 0 6 4 10 2d8


Read/Write Languages Spoken Languages
Throalic, T’skrang Throalic


Weapon Size Forged STR Step Wpn Step Total Dice
Hammer of Upandal 5 0 7 17 24 2d12+2d8
Mace (tail) 3 3 7 4 14 2d12


Armor Physical Mystic Init Penalty
Crystal Ringlet 8 8 0


Faith: The principles of Zomay / Floranuus
Loyalty: To The Unchained
Love: Revelry / T’skrang women
Hatred: slavery / slavers
Drive: To find the staff


Total Legend Points: 139195 Current Legend Points: 4890

Dragon tabord
Ardor Zomay S’kram was hatched to the house of Zomay 17 years ago. He is a young, upbeat, energetic T’skrang. He started training in the Zomay sword master school but found that it was not a true fit for him; something was just not right. Another member of the niall saw him practicing and knew why. Many young T’skrang grow up wanting to be a Sword Master. A rare few get to become a Tail Dancer.

Ta Zomay Osheen was to teach him the ways of the Tail Dancer. Now most tail dancers follow one of three schools. The first is to put a small blade on the tail for attacks. The second is to put a heavy piece of armor on the tail to use it as a parrying shield. The third is to put nothing on it and use the tail to grapple. Something in his blood made him make his own path, one that came from his niall founder. This did not make his teacher happy, but the family sword master school idea of placing a small mace over the end of the tail seemed to be the most effective for him.

After ascending to the first circle of Tail Dancer, S’kram had a lust for the road and decided to travel. His journey did not last long. In the second night’s camp S’kram was attacked by a slaver named Trejak. He was sold to orks to work in an elemental earth mine. He escaped with the other surviving slaves and formed the adventuring group known as “The Unchained”.

S’kram has earned several titles in his adventures. S’kram is the partial owner and Second Mate of the Dashing Stag, discoverer of the Kaer of Darren Kuyu, Quester to the passion Flouranuus, member of the troll Steel Skull Clan, friend of the Ayodmya Life Rock, Destroyer of Thera’s Pride, and member of the group “The Unchained” that returned the “Book of Tomorrow” to the Dwarven Kingdom.

Ardor Zomay S'kram

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