Wilderness Survival

Step: Rank+PER
Action: Sustained
Karma: No
Strain: 0

The adept knows how to survive in the wild. He is able to locate or build shelter, start a fire, find water, or forage for edible vegetation, such as berries, roots, fruits, mushrooms, and other plants. The adept makes a Wilderness Survival Test against a Difficulty Number determined by the gamemaster, based on those shown in the Survival Table, and taking circumstances such as season, weather, and environment into account. Each use of this talent takes two hours and the adept may make four such tests per day, meaning he will sometimes need to make difficult survival decisions—food or water? shelter or food?

Finding Food
Wilderness Survival allows the adept to forage for food, but it does not provide him with any special advantages for hunting, fishing, or tracking—these are separate skills in their own right (see the Skills chapter, p. 87). Some barren areas may not support any plants or animals at all; the adept cannot successfully forage in such areas. For each Result Level achieved on a successful Wilderness Survival Test, the adept finds enough food for one person for one day.

Survival Table
Terrain Difficulty Number
Woodlands 5
Jungles 7
Poison Forest 12
Blood Wood 10
Plains 6
Hinterlands 7
Lowland Mountains 6
Highland Mountains 7

Finding Shelter
Unless the adept carries a tent or tarp, he will need to find or build shelter when traveling through the wild. Natural shelters include caves, rock formations, fallen trees, or anything else that can block the wind and/or offer some sort of protection from the elements. On a successful Wilderness Survival Test, the adept finds or builds a shelter providing adequate protection for himself only from light rain, wind, or snow.

Finding Water
Generally, a Namegiver character requires a minimum of one quart of water each day to remain healthy. Unfortunately, not all the water found in the wilderness is safe to drink. Precautions should always be taken before drinking from any untested water source. In areas without obvious sources of water, alternative water sources must be found. For each Result Level achieved on a successful Wilderness Survival Test, the adept finds one quart of water.

Wilderness Survival

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