Ward Room of The Unchained


When one walks through the door of what used to be the spacious captain’s cabin aboard the Dashing Stag, they enter the Ward Room. To either side of the room, the walls are lined with book shelves, weapons and armor racks, and wall space displaying various trophies.

In the center, is a beautiful large round table surrounded by plush sea-worthy stable chairs. The top of the table is made of dark blue marble, matching the look and colors of the ship. The wooden base of the table also wide and round, carved with routed sides that are inset a bit, allowing anyone sitting in the chairs to slide up right to the table with legs underneath. The table has a pair of secrets. There is a hidden latch under the table which allows the top to slide halfway off revealing a large compartment hidden underneath. The entire bottom of the table is hollow. This could be used for hiding things, even people if necessary, in a place where they are very unlikely to be found unless one knows about the compartment. There is an inner latch which opens the table top from the inside. The latch was intentionally designed to open with a loud thunk, so that it could not be opened without everyone in the room hearing. The other secret is that one of the decoratively carved braces on the outside of the table also functions as a lever which allows the table to be slid across the floor revealing a locked trap door. The trap door leads down to the lower crew compartments below. Above the table hangs a large light quartz that can light the entire room with bright, white light. It hangs from a decorative chandelier.

At the very back side of the room are the quarters for the group. On the corners are larger double rooms. The first is for Quorra and Stilicho, the other is for Dremnin and Ardor. In between , are six single rooms for the others of The Unchained, as well as Kerick and Fafnir. Each room boasts beds, a foot locker and a small closet for personal items (such as clothes or gear) as well as a small table lit by a light quartz. The rear wall of each room is the back wall of the ship, which is made of clear living crystal that provides each room with an outstanding view and natural light during the day. Shutters were installed in each room so the light can be blocked out, and privacy obtained if desired.

Quests and Goals

Groups Quests

The Staff of Aramod Whitewind

  • There may be a relation between this staff quest and the High Troll tomb discovered in Konigsberg.
  • Fafnir has been researching the staff and the Skytoucher moot since we last left Throal, in order to see if he can generate some leads for us.

The Dragon

We discovered a dragon egg hidden on board The Dashing Stag shortly before leaving The Reach. The dragon later hatched in the city of Haven, and was named Saryx. Unsure what tondo with the creature it was placed into Ardor’s care. Later, Vridich discovered the spirit of the captain of Fleet Cerena (now names The Dashing Stag) who died fighting an attack by the trolls of the Stoneclaw moot when he foolishly flew the ship into their territory. The captain has asked Vridich if The Unchained would complete his former quest and deliver the dragon to Black Harn the insane Horror-Stalker son of the legendary Jarl Bloodsong.

  • Missing Captains Log
    Was believed to be lost during the fight between the Stoneclaws and the men of Fleet Cerena. Korack took part in that battle and thinks e can lead us back to the spot where it took place. He speculated the log may have been thrown overboard during the fight. He also thought it was possibly on one of the slain crew who were knocked overboard.
  • Black Harn
    Living in the rough wilderness of the Twilight Peaks in caves on the outskirts of The Reach Harn is haunted by a horror who has driven him insane. He befriended and trained Urgral during the Unchained’s stay at The Reach.
  • Omasu
    Omasu is the Obsidiman owner of the Overland Trade Company who originally commissioned the ship Fleet Cerena. More than two years ago the ship disappeared, having been captured by members of the Steelskull Clan of the Stoneclaw Moot and then sold to Stilicho with the agreement that he would seek the Staff of Aramod Whitewind. Omasu may know more about his former ship captain’s mission… but will he blame the us for Fleet Cerena’s fate?
  • Captain’s Spirit
    The spirit is asking the Unchained to complete his former quest. Yet big questions remain. Who hired him? How did they acquire the dragon egg? What was Black Harn going to do with it?


We have been asked to take Quinn Longstride to Stormhead.

Personal Quests


  • Take care of and protect the dragon.
  • Live by the principles of Han Kray Zomay.


  • Forge a Heartblade


  • None


  • Restore the Temple of Rashomon.
  • Visit family in Travar.
  • Pick up Roinak in Travar.
  • Spread the influence of Rashomon.
  • Terminate Raggok and his followers.
  • Forge a union between Throal and the high trolls.
  • Regain control of Konigsberg.
  • Force the Therans out of Konigsberg.
  • Resettle and establish Konigsberg.


  • Kill the horror that killed his family.
  • Reclaim his families lost mine.


  • Rescue Sariela.
  • Kill Xandarthalas.


Pennant from the Theran slave barge “Celestial”.
Pennant from the Theran Vedette “Thera’s Pride”.
Pennant from the Theran slave ship “Sky Reaver”.
Pennant from the Urupain slave ship “Blue Albatross”.

Trejack’s Forged Clubs.
Trinket from Malgrim Mortaka’s tomb in Parlainth.


This is a list of items that are currently being researched in the Ward Room. This includes item histories being conducted by Suulin, Fafnir and Quorra, as well as quest and other investigations. In addition we are including other tasks taken on by the unchained, such a forging by Dagmar, or Questor and Lightbearer tasks.

Item Research

Item Type Discoveries
Ancient Battleaxe Weapon None
Cornucopia Pattern None
Forest Robes Clothing None
Helm of Iron Will Helmet First two key knowledges uncovered.
Magic Amulet Amulet None
Purifier Sword First four key knowledges uncovered.
Royal Mantle Clothes None
Taloned Ring Ring None
Thunder of Uplandaal Warhammer First four key knowledges uncovered.


  • No current forging tasks are underway.

Questor Tasks

  • Stilicho is researching the book on the fall of Rashomon’s temple to see if he can discern where the sealed off sections of the temple are located and what may be contained within them.


This is the library of the Dashing Stag (which is attached to the Ward Room) where The Unchained store a plethora of books that they have gathered or purchased during their adventures.


Books from The Ruins of Paralinth (Pre-Scourge)

  • Illusionism Spellbook of Malgrim Mortaka
  • Elementalist Spellbook
  • The Fall of Rashomon
  • A Study Of The Horrors
  • ??? Other Books

Books from The Temple of Rashomon (Pre-Scourge)

  • The Fall of Rashomon’s Temple
  • A Treatise on the Theran province of Barsaive
  • The Collected Stories of the Scavian Peoples (and other Dwarf tribes of the Throal Mountains)
  • Life Among the Cathans
  • Human Mythologies
  • ??? Other Books

Ward Room of The Unchained

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