Before the Scourge, Vestrial was the prankster Passion, blending good humor with trickery to puncture the overblown egos of the arrogant. Insanity took hold of him during the Scourge, however, making him as arrogant as the former victims of his jokes.

Seeing himself as the sole inheritor of all the world’s Passion worshipers, he creates elaborate plans for world conquest that his questors enthusiastically carry out. He uses his vast intelligence to spin webs of intrigue that no one save himself can understand. Some believe that Vestrial has woven so many plots and deceits that even he has lost track of the ends he originally desired.

Ideals: Manipulation, Deceit

Typical Appearance: Vestrial usually manifests as a humanoid form, wearing a dark hood and cloak.

Common Elements: An assassin’s dagger, blood, ambush

Powers: Vestrial can confuse listeners, beguile people with lies, discover a person’s true desire, and travel instantaneously within a mile of any place where someone has just uttered a lie.


The questors of Vestrial scurry about the world dressed in the black cloaks of their Passion, carrying out the Mad Passion’s schemes. Though questors of Vestrial apparently regularly sacrifice their real goals to the goal of fostering deceit in the name of their Passion’s ideals, they should not be underestimated. For every ten questors that devote all their efforts to manipulating fellow Name-givers and events, one questor can be found guiding his fellows through brilliant, effective, diabolical plans.

The precision, subtlety, and effectiveness of some Vestrial-inspired plots suggests that the apparent incompetence of the most visible questors provides a cover for countless unrecognized questors of Vestrial hidden within all levels of society.

Acts of Devotion: Lie to someone about a matter that is important to the person and has an effect on his life (Minor). Manipulate someone into doing something illegal, immoral, or otherwise wrong that they would not willingly do (Major). Create a lie that leads to someone’s death, though the questor need not be present when the death occurs. The person who dies must have allies that will seek to avenge his death (Zealous). Create a conspiracy to murder a king or other high-ranking official (Quest).

Questor Powers: Deceit, Discover Desire, Manipulate Desire


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