Upandal is the Passion of Construction. He reinforces the need to build shared by all the Name-giver races of Barsaive, helping them to create order and beauty by building structures as well as giving names.

Upandal gives aid where he can, inspiring architects and craftsmen and protecting beautiful cities and towers. On occasion, he presents enchanted tools to craftsmen he deems particularly worthy of his patronage.

Ideals: Building, Construction, Planning

Typical Appearance: Upandal generally manifests as a craftsman of any race, clad in dirty work clothes.

Common Elements: Hammer, building plans, compass, smith’s forge

Powers: Upandal can make tools quickly; fortify buildings, fortresses and city walls; create temporary bridges and towers; and travel instantaneously between cities or any other large, ornate constructions.


Questors of Upandal find their greatest joy in building, or collecting money for a construction project. They offer everything they build to the glory of Upandal, eagerly embracing each new structure as a way to enrich the world and win more questors for their Passion.

Not all their devotion is expressed on such a grand scale. Questors of Upandal find equal satisfaction in tinkering with, repairing, and reproducing small objects. They use every opportunity to express their devotion to their Passion and encourage others to join them in their quest. Whether helping a farmer repair a fence or fixing a child’s toy, Upandal’s questors do their best to imitate their patron Passion. Their analytical minds give Upandal’s questors a penchant for devising war plans and other such designs. Unfortunately, their love of the complex and ornate tends to produce aesthetically pleasing but impractical strategies.

Acts of Devotion: Spend a week creating a new tool, weapon, or design (Minor). Help build a building, castle, or other structure that requires two to four weeks of work (Major). Protect a beautiful object—a mechanical jewelry box, an ornate tower, and so on—from those who would destroy it (Zealous). Create a legendary item (Quest).

Questor Powers: Create Structure, Create Weapon, Fortify Structure


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