Tra'u'uli Holidays

Troll Festivals

Greetings to all, and may the wind of Floranuus caress your face for all your days! My scholarly colleagues have asked me to write this treatise, as they seem to know about as much about the culture of The Dual People as your average espagra knows about Throalic trade law.

I am a Sky Raider of the T’skrang House of the Spirit Wind. Like most of my kind, I felt the call of the skies. However, on my pilgrimage to meet my fellow flying brothers, Sky Raiders attacked my caravan and I was taken prisoner. I later regained my freedom by saving a clan member. In time, I came to love my adopted family and their honorable ways. Thus, I became a member of the Thundersky troll moot.

I’ve been asked by some friends (who fail to understand my noble and complex adoptive tribe) to elucidate the mystery of the trolls. They seemed to feel that, because I know the ways of two worlds, I was the perfect candidate to teach others about the wonders of the life of the Tra’u’uli (or what you call a Troll) and to illuminate their very different ways of life. This missive (the first of many, Astendar willing) will attend to the matter of Trollish holidays.

Hel’Grak’Menar Groundshaker Thundersky


Tra'u'uli Holidays

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