Throalic Calendar

Most Barsaivians follow the Throalic calendar, which they became accustomed to during the Scourge as most kaers had a copy of The Book of Tomorrow to help them track time. The months of the year are:

  • Strassa
  • Veltom
  • Charassa
  • Rua
  • Mawag
  • Gahmil
  • 5 days of Earth Celebrations
  • Raquas
  • Sollus
  • Riag
  • Teayu
  • Borrum
  • Doddul

Each month has 30 days, following the lunar cycle. The Great Library of Throal acquires in the months of Sollus and Riag the official travel journals and other records from adventurers or adventure groups.

ED2 p255 under Climate:
“The Scourge caused Barsaive’s temperatures and rainfall to shift drastically and frequently, leaving the landscape devoid of living vegetation. Once the Scourge ended, the land’s flora began regenerating at a phenomenal rate, and the climate stabilized to its current temperate state. The average annual temperature in the province remains moderate, rising to somewhat uncomfortable levels during the warm season and dropping only slightly during the cool season. The higher mountain regions experience cooler temperatures than the rest of the land, though the lower hill areas experience temperatures much like those in the plains and forests.

This stable climate has caused concern and speculation among Barsaive’s scholars. The lack of a true ‘winter’ season remains a mystery, and many believe it is the last vestige of the Scourge. However, the present climate has its benefits, as it enables farmers to grow crops year-round.

The first six months of the year comprise Barsaive’s rainy season. Most of the province receives moderate rainfall of 40 to 60 inches per year, though southern Barsaive receives heavy rains. Most regions experience some precipitation throughout the year, except for areas along the Death’s Sea that suffer from constant drought."

Throalic Calendar

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