The kingdom of Throal is a dwarven country located in the depths of the Throal Mountains. It was a leader against Theran occupation of Barsaive and is the most important, powerful and influential political and cultural center of the province.

The Population

A population of around 190,000 namegivers live in Throal which some scholars estimate to be about 1/3 of the entire Barsaive population. However, common sense dictates that there are many more Name-Givers living in the entire Barsaive than 570,000.

Racial breakdown of the Throal citizens is presented below:
Race Population
Dwarf 44%
Elf 7%
Human 15%
Obsidiman handful
Ork 25%
T’skrang 1%
Troll 8%
Windling handful

Administration and Law and Order

The kingdom of Throal is an absolute hereditary monarchy. This means that the King has the final say in all matters concerning state including law, judgement and executive policies and that the power is passed from a previous King to his heir.


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