The Mines

Dremnin, Urgral, Ardor, Luck, and Vridich met with Aughra, the old slave crone. She extracted a blood promise from them to take the Book of Tomorrow to Throal if they can fight free. All but Luck pledged to do so.

Luck moved nearer Fafnir, a Dwarf slave who had moved into the room to warm his hands by the fire. Luck used hand signs to ask “Friend?” and Fafnir nodded yes. Sensing something about to change, Luck readed the stick he’d grabbed from the woodpile and reached into the fire for a burning brand.

As soon as Aughra extracted the oath, she began to fade. Vridich took the book and the old human woman fell back. Dremnin gently laid her down and she wheezed out “Fly, you fools!” After they thought the light had left her milky eyes, she bolted upright and screamed, “Run, Raggok take you! Run!” Then a foul wind blasted everyone backward, nearly doused the fire, and raged down the corridors snuffing torches everywhere. From the dim light left from a brand Luck carried, they were able to see the two Ork guards at the entrance to this chamber were horribly changed into the walking dead. The other slaves in the room were dead, their bodies twisted in poses of torturous pain.

The group fought the two cadaver men, then regrouped. Fafnir said he knew a different path that might lead them to safety. They agreed to follow him, Dremnin with a lone surviving sick girl child on his back carrying a torch, the rest outfitted with pickaxes.

Fafnir led them out of the chamber and took a right toward the other large chamber where the slaves had been dropping elemental earth. Luck turned left instead, immediately encountering another cadaver man. Urgral and Ardor also engaged. Then another cadaver man joined in the melee.

Dremnin followed Fafnir, trying to keep the girl safe, Vridich only a few steps behind. Dremnin outpaced Fafnir and stepped into the room, another cadaver man coming in from a dark alcove and attempted to strip the child from his back. Dremnin turned and started attacking the cadaver man, and Fafnir attacked it from behind. Vridich added his magical assault from the hall between the two groups of fighters.

After dispatching the three cadaver men, they regrouped in the staging chamber. They stuffed their pockets with as much elemental earth as they could carry. Fafnir instructed Dremnin and Urgral that he’d been working a new passage off the northeast end of this chamber and upon pressing his ear to the rock had heard what sounded like running water in an expansive cave. So Dremnin and Urgral set to work and began working through the rock as quickly as possible.

A massive cadaver man came barreling from the southwest passage. Luck, Ardorand Vridich engaged, Urgral also moving to attack. It was the reanimated slave master, and the group savagely cut him down. Dremnin and Fafnir broke through and found themselves in a large natural cavern. It was half-filled with water, and Dremnin could see a rough-hewn wall across from him with large spikes inscribed with runes. Once Vridich came in and was able to inspect them, he felt vaguely certain that they were similar to the Runes of Warding used in the protection of any Kaer.

The unlikely group re-assembled in the waist-deep water, and Dremnin pointed toward a slow-moving whirlpool in an adjoining cavern. Was it the way out, or their watery grave?

The Mines

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