Stoneclaw Moot


The Stoneclaws represent Throal’s best chance at an alliance with the Crystal Raiders, having adopted certain Throalic ways and customs taught them by their dwarf brethren in the Rocktapper clan. Thought the Stoneclaws have had contact with the Kingdom of Throal in the past, no formal alliance has ever existed between the two. Enemies of the Stoneclaws – particularly the ferocious Bloodlores of the Western peaks – claim that the moot has betrayed the Crystal Raider way of life by imitating other Name-givers, especially the soft, smooth talking dwarfs of Throal. As yet, however, no enemy moot has chosen to challenge the Stoneclaws in battle over the issue.


The Stoneclaw Moot formed somewhat later than others, when scattered clans in the Eastern Peaks banded together for protection against rival clans from the other side of Mount An’grak that would later form the Swiftwind trollmoot. The Stoneclaw clan, which was known for producing powerful warriors and clever leaders, gave the moot its name and has dominated it ever since its beginnings.

Throughout the moot’s history, its chiefs have taken a greater interest than the chiefs of more isolated moots in the world beyond the Twilight Peaks. In the early days of the Orichalcum Wars, the Stoneclaws permitted a Throalic company to mine orichalcum, True Earth and metals from their territory, materials in which the troll clans had little interest. The chief of the moot traded the mining rights for things of more immediate use to his people, such as provisions and weapons. Meanwhile, the moot gladly attacked Theran ships and sold the cargo to the Throalic dwarfs for still more trade goods, an arrangement that profited everyone except the Therans.

Because their territory lay furthest from the Theran stronghold of Vivane, and because their raids against the Theran targest were less frequent compared to those of the western trollmoots, the Stoneclaws were spared many of the Theran reprisals leading up to and during The Battle of Sky Point. Though they did participate in the extended battle of Sky Point which resulted in the destruction of the Theran Behemoth, Vengence. (This is a fact of history which the Therans dispute.) The fight against the Therans following the destruction of the Skytoucher moot is one of the few recorded times where the trollmoots of the Twilight Peaks fought together for the same cause. Though the united troll moots won a great victory, it was at great cost, especially for the Western most moots. Consequently, the Stoneclaws remained fairly prosperous, and gained even greater influence among highland trolls as a whole after the devastation of their rival moots of the West. The chiefs of the Stoneclaws used these gains well, they prepared strong shelters against the Scourge and obtained aid from Throalic miners and crafters in building their kaers. When the time came to take refuge from the Horrors, many of these miners and their families chose to shelter with the Stoneclaws rather than risk returning to Throal. The trolls took the dwarfs in, then sealed the doors of their kaers for the Long Night.

Over the centuries of the Scourge, the dwarfs adopted more and more troll ways, eventually becoming a clan in their own right. The dwarfs in turn shared with the trolls the copies of The Book of Tomorrow that they had brought with them. By the time the Scourge ended and the kaer dwellers emerged into the outside world, the dwarfs had become an integral part of the Stoneclaws moot and the moot had adopted many Throalic customs and ideas of its own.

When the Therans returned to Barsiave to reclaim the rulership of the province, moot chief Yerrik stoneclaws was one of the first Crystal Raider leaders to recognize Throal’s importance in organizing resistance against Theran encroachment. The other trollmoots, with the memory of the slaughter at Skytoucher Mountain still burning in their hearts, wanted to attack their Theran blood enemies en masse. When Yerrik advised forming alliances with other Barsavian Name-givers to fight the Therans together, the other crystal raiders, even some members of his own clan, initially rejected the notin. The trolls, the believed, had suffered uniquely at Theran hands; troll honor therefore required that the trolls take their just vengeance on their own, without the dubious aid of weaker races. Even alliances between clans were considered suspect, as they infringed on each moot’s sovereign right to choose its own time, place and manner of attack. Not until the moots discovered that the Theran Empire planned to destroy the great cities of Barsaive and take many of her people into slavery – doing to all of Barsaive what they had done to the trolls at Sky Point – did the Crystal Raiders change their minds. The scope of the Theran scheme shocked the moots so much that Yerrik Stoneclaws was able to rally his fellow Crystal Raiders to the banner of Throal. The Crystal Raiders principally fought the Theran airships, playing a vital part in the Theran War for which they were perfectly suited.

Now with the Theran threat once again looming over Barsaive, King Neden of throal wishes to renew the ties between Throal and the Crystal Raiders in hopes of once more stopping the formidable Theran Naby from rolling over the province. Unfortunately, Throal had more pressing concerns following the Theran War than negotiating treties with the Crystal Raiders – especially following the Therans’ withdrawal to their fortress at Sky Point, when the Crystal Raiders resumed raiding Barsavian as well as Theran targets. The contributions of the crystal raider clans and Yerrik Stoneclaws went largely unnoticed by Barsaive’s other Name-givers who once again dismissed the Crystal Raiders as nothing more than thieves and thugs. Throal maintained informal ties with the Stoneclaws moot, but made no overtures to establish a formal alliance.

Some years after the Theran War, Yerrik Stoneclaws died in battle against the Bloodlore moot, whereupon his son Kerththale became chief of the Stoneclaws. Kerththale shares his father’s admiration of Throal and desires an alliance with the dwarf kingdome, but many of his own people oppose the idea. Kerththale may find his position as chief challenged if he pushes his moot too far too fast.

Important People

Kerthale Farseer Stoneclaws
Chief o f the Stoneclaws moot, and chief of the Stoneclaws clan.

Drogar Firebeard Rocktapper
Dwarf chief of the Rocktapper clan, which is the largely dwarf clan of the Stoneclaws moot.

Tago Thunderfist Steelskull
Chief of the Steelskull Clan, legendary Crystal Raider, questor of Tystonius.

Gartan Strongfist Heartspear
Chief of the Heartspear Clan, foremost questor of Thystonius in the moot.

Stoneclaw Moot

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