Spiritual Guidance

Threads: 3
Weaving: 8 / 18
Casting: TSD (see text)
Range: Self
Duration: 30 rounds
Effect: Summons a spirit guide to answer a question

This spell summons an ally spirit to lead the magician on a journey to one of the netherworlds where he can find the answer to a question. The magician focuses his mind on the question he wants answered, then makes a Spellcasting Test against the spirit’s Spell Defense. If successful, a spirit appears and asks the magician to pose his question. The spirit then leads the magician into astral space, taking him to a specific netherworld where he can obtain an answer. The answer is never straightforward, but rather comes in a vision that provides hints. For example, a magician asking where to find a legendary object might relive events of the object’s history (from the object’s point of view) that point the way to its current location. While traveling in astral space, the spirit uses its Astral Portal power to lead the magician through any gates necessary to reach the netherworld. The magician still faces the usual challenges and dangers of traveling in astral space, however. The spirit guide is a Strength Rating 5 ally spirit.

Spirit Guide
DEX: 9 STR: 9 TOU: 9
PER: 9 WIL: 9 CHA: 9
Initiative: 10 Physical Defense: 12
Actions: 2 Spell Defense: 16
Attack (5): 14 Social Defense: 16
Damage: Physical Armor: 9
Unarmed: 9 Mystic Armor: 5
Death: 48 Recovery Tests: 4
Unconsciousness: 41 Knockdown: 9
Wound Threshold: 14 Movement: 6*
Karma Points: 10 Karma Step: 8
Legend Award: Fifth Circle (1 per 2 PC)
Powers: Aid Summoner (5), Astral Portal (5), Astral Sight (5): 14,
Empathic Sense (5): 14, Lifesight (5): 14, Manifest (5),
Spellcasting (5): 14

  • This value is the spirit’s flying Movement Rate

Spiritual Guidance

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