Shield Wall

Knack: Shield Wall
LP Cost: 800 (or 300 if Parry is a Discipline Talent)
Talent: Parry
Rank: 5 (or 3 if Parry is a Discipline Talent for you)
Action: Free
Strain: 0

While fighting in a Defensive Stance, the adept may join with two or more other Namegivers (who also must take a defensive stance) and overlap their shields to make them each universally more difficult to hit. Doing so provides a +2 bonus to each adepts physical defense for each additional shield that is helping protect them. A maximum of 3 shields may be applied for this, one for each side and one over the top from behind. Characters who do not have the Shield Wall knack may join a shield wall, and receive the benefits of its protection, but they do not add to the physical defense bonus for their neighbors.

Example: Scorpio, Ivan, Kellen and Grom are being attacked by bandits in a narrow alley. They are outnumbered two to one. Scorpio, Kellen and Grom are Warriors. Ivan is a Weaponsmith. All three Warriors have the Shield Wall knack, but Ivan does not. They are positioned with Grom on the left, Kellen and Scorpio in the middle, and Ivan on the right. Each declares they are forming a shield wall prior to the start of the round. They suffer the usual -3 penalty for defensive stance but get the +3 bonus to their physical defense plus they gain additional +2 bonuses for additinoal each member using the shield wall knack who is helping protect them.

Physical Defense Bonus Breakdown
Grom +5 (3 for Defensive Stance, 2 from Kellen)
Kellen +7 (3 for Defensive Stance, 2 from Grom, +2 from Scorpio)
Scorpio +5 (3 for Defensive Stance, 2 from Grom)
Ivan +5 (3 for Defensive Stance, 2 from Scorpio)

Since Grom is on the left, he gains an additional +2 from Kellen’s shield. Kellen has both Grom and Scorpio protecting him, giving him a +4 bonus to his physical defense. Scorpio gains a +2 from Kellen’s shield. Ivan is not trained in sheild wall tactics, so does not give a bonus to his neighbor, Scorpio, but gains a +2 bonus to his physical defense from Scorpio’s shield.

Shield Wall

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