Shadow Hunter

Threads: 3
Weaving: 11 / 18
Casting: TSD (see text)
Range: 4 yards (2 hexes)
Duration: Rank + 1 hours
Effect: Summons a hunter spirit

This spell conjures a vaguely humanoid form—featureless, save for faintly glowing red eyes—from a nearby dark or shadowy area. The magician makes a Spellcasting Test against the shadow hunter’s Spell Defense. If successful, a hunter is summoned, which carries out a single task before dissolving back into its formless state. Shadow hunters can track and hunt their prey unerringly if the magician possesses a personal item belonging to the target—any Tracking Test the hunter is required to make is automatically successful. Shadow hunters can be affected by all types of weapons and magic, though their high Physical Defense reflects the difficulty of harming them with mundane weaponry.

Although able to slip around in the shade during the day, shadow hunters are susceptible to light. Those employing a light-based attack against a shadow hunter gain a +4 bonus to Effect or Damage Tests. A shadow hunter that is trapped in an area of sunlight without any shadows to hide in is destroyed if it cannot get to shade within a round.

Shadow Hunter
DEX: 8 STR: 7 TOU: 7
PER: 6 WIL: 7 CHA: 6
Initiative: 8 Physical Defense: 15
Actions: 2 Spell Defense: 8
Attack (4): 12 Social Defense: 12
Damage: Physical Armor: 0
Unarmed (5): 12 Mystic Armor: 4
Death: 39 Recovery Tests: 3
Unconsciousness: NA Knockdown: 7
Wound Threshold: 11 Movement: 6
Legend Award: Fourth Circle (1 per 2 PC)

Shadow Hunter

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