The Legend of the City of Spires

In the bright days before the Scourge darkened the land, there arose in the northwest a shining city. The elves who built it Named it Sereatha, the City of Spires, so called for the gleaming towers of alabaster and marble that surrounded the city and towered over every other building within its walls.

Within these shining towers lived the city’s many adept guilds, all sworn to protect the city and to preserve the best and truest of elven arts and ways. Those adepts who followed a Passion Named their spire for that Passion. Other guilds Named their spires for the elven ideal dearest to their hearts. All who lived in Sereatha spoke these sacred Names often, and with joy. The Universe, hearing their words, lent its magic to deepen the truth of the Names they spoke.

Three adept guilds claimed the greatest renown, not only in the City of Spires, but throughout all the lands surrounding it.

  • The Swordmasters of the Swords of Justice followed the ways of Mynbruje, Passion of Justice, Compassion, Empathy, and Truth. It was they who kept the laws of justice in Sereatha, and their members often traveled the land restoring the justice and mercy of Mynbruje to those kingdoms that had strayed from them.
  • The Learners’ Guild, a society of scholars, Wizards, and Troubadours devoted to the Passion Floranuus and the Path of Scholars, studied the ancient ways of the elven people and deepened the elves’ knowledge of their innermost selves.
  • And the Warriors and Swordmasters of the Knights of the Crimson Spire pledged their lives and hearts to the preservation of protection of elven culture and traditions.

During the most glorious days of elven culture, the City of Spires surpassed in beauty, grace, learning, and power every elven realm save the Elven Court at Wyrm Wood. Many an elf traveled far to reach the beautiful city, content to spend all his days practicing his art under the shadow of the spires. Musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors, tapestry weavers, artisans, and magicians all came to Sereatha to learn from and teach others. It is said that the people of Sereatha often held contests to determine who among all the world’s elves was best at his art, and that the greatest of elven Troubadours learned their craft in that wondrous place.

Alas, the Scourge has taken the City of Spires from the elven people, as it has taken so much else. No one knows the fate of Sereatha, nor of any of those who dwelt in it. We have but a single, faint hope that the city may have survived the Scourge intact; a few travelers to Barsaive from the northern and western lands have spoken of the Knights of the Crimson Spire, saying that members of the guild still live in those places. They also say that the Knights have come to Barsaive to help rid our land of the Horrors that remain.


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