Scoad is a potent Troll beer made from various mountain grown grains, and honey. The beverage is actually quite tastey, but is so strong that most other name-givers (except for Orks) cannot handle it’s potency in quantity. After every mug that any “No’a’ul” (non-Troll) drinks, the drinker must make a Toughness (6) test; Failure means the drinker is completely drunk and suffers a minus 4 step penalty to all action tests, in addition to all defenses being dropped by 4. However, the drinker is now quite happy, as the drink has mild stimulant effects.

Each subsequent mug requires another Toughness test, at a plus 4 increased difficulty per mug. Failure a second time, and the drinker passes out. For whatever reason, perhaps their fondness for Hurlg, Orks are far less effected by this drink than other non-troll races.

(Brad’s note: These rules are made up using the Hurlg notes as a base. The drink is described (not named) in the book Crystal Raiders of Barsaive.)


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