Before the Scourge, Rashomon’s ideals were Leadership, Endurance, Tolerance, and Perseverance. Today, Rashomon is believed to be Raggok, the most terrible of the Mad Passions, who embodies all that is corrupted in the world.

Nearly all followers and Questors turned away from Rashomon during the Scourge. Most of them didn’t even know their fate was intertwined as the Passion was driven mad, and his believers with him.

Ideals: Leadership, Endurance, Tolerance, Perseverance and Rebirth

Typical Appearance: None have seen the Passion since his descent into Madness. He was described as sometimes appearing as a fiery phoenix or a brightly shining star.

Common Elements: Light, Inspired Speeches, Hope, Phoenix, Rebirth

Powers: Rashomon can call forth pleasant memories, banish undead, inspire trust, and travel through the thoughts of Name-givers, leaping from the mind of one Name-giver to any other within fifty miles. As he travels, he evokes peaceful memories in the minds of those he passes through.


Because the ideals Rashomon personifies cannot be found in the hearts of members of every race, this Passion lacks questors. The people of Barsaive fight internally as a nation. Most lead through strength rather than thought.

Acts of Devotion: Standing up for someone, enduring a torment or helping another to endure it, or delivering a stirring speech (Minor). Inspire hope in the lost or forsaken (Major). Inspire tolerance and acceptance between prejudiced groups of Namegivers (Zealous). Forge a lasting peace between two warring peoples (Quest).

Questor Powers: Eminent Forbearance, Inspire Perseverance, Last Breath


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