Principles of Zomay

The Start of the Tail

Han Kray Zomay started a Niall (a family unit) many years ago in the in the city of Bartertown. It was not something that he set out to do, but being one of the most famous T’skrang in the city, the local T’skrang formed a family bond around him. Zomay’s wife became the first Lahala (family leader) as the female lead the T’skrang race. This allowed Zomay to open a Swordmaster school in the building that was being built to house the new niall. The school was the main income of the niall and took off right away and still does quiet well today.

A second income came when the cooks of the family came forward with the idea to open a “Trisnar” (an inn just for eating) called the Fish Pond. It has become one of the best places to eat in the city and now serves all three meals, and is now the main income to the family house. The building has grown into four long halls forming a large diamond shape. The center court yard is an incredible water garden. The garden has many plants and herbs also several swimming pools that also keep common and rare fish, so that the meals are just that fresh.

Another thing that was passed down from the founder Zomay was a life long plan to communing with the Passions that he called his Twelve Horopas.

Haropas – State of communion with the passions

Kiatus – Ritual preparation

Principles of Zomay 1 – 3

  • In your youth be like the sea sponge take in all that is taught to you. Learn as much as you can from your teachers and your trainers. The knowledge that they feed you will serve you well in the world.
  • The world is not T’skrang. Surround yourself with worldly friends from other Namegiver races. They will help teach you about the things that school does not.
  • When you find a true group of friends, whatever race they are – friends that you can trust enough to go to battle with against the horrors in this world – bond with them. This will teach you even more about your self and honor them like they are your niall.

Jikharra – Fearlessness in the struggle

Principles of Zomay 4-6

  • Live life to the fullest, today could be your last. Do not die bored.
  • Someone is always watching, SO ACT LIKE IT!
  • Mate when you can. The more T’skrang there are to tell your stories and sing your songs the better.

P’skarrot – Measure and Destiny

Principles of Zomay 7-9

  • The one true enemy is your own fear. Do not give it power over you.
  • Your destiny is your own. If it is at hearth and home there is no greater honor that you can show to the Niall. But if it is not then go out in to the world and find it. It will call to you if you will only listen to it.
  • Always honor the Niall Zomay. You must always remember our customs and our family

Kyaapas – Balance

Principles of Zomay 10-12

  • When you have found your destiny and you have been measured, remember all that have helped you. You would be nothing with out your teachers and your friends.
  • Share what you have with the Niall. Do not let all you have become go to waste. Your knowledge is worth more than any coin you could bring back from your travels.
  • Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Love. You can not train all the time.

Principles of Zomay

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