Step: Rank + PER
Default: No
Action: Sustained
Strain: 0

Physician Treatment Table
Ailment Difficulty Number
Common Cold 4
Wounds 5
Influenza 6
Mild Poison 6
Broken Bones 8
Strong Poison 11
Black Death 15

Use requires a Physician’s Kit.

The character diagnoses and prescribes treatments for injuries and diseases by examining the injury for half an hour, then making a Physician Test against the condition’s Difficulty Number. If successful, he learns what the exact problem is and how to treat it. The character’s Physician Rank is added to the next Recovery Test his patient makes or the next resistance test against disease or poison, if applicable. The Physician Treatment Table shows suggested Difficulty Numbers for diagnosing common ailments, in order of seriousness. The gamemaster determines the Difficulty Number for other ailments. A physician can attempt to treat the same ailment a number of times per day equal to the patient’s Number of Recovery Tests.

Treating raw damage is treating an Injury, the effect of successful treatment is a Recovery Test bonus, as noted above. The Physician skill can also be used to treat Wounds, however. Wounds are treated individually, the physician has to take time to stitch or bandage each Wound professionally. Successful treatment of a Wound does not heal it, but removes its penalty to Recovery Tests (see Effects of Injury, p. 220), thereby allowing to heal it faster. Treating Wounds in that way also eliminates most risks of infection.


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