Perceive Emotion

Step Number: Rank+PER
Duration: Rank minutes
Action: Standard
Passion: Mynbruje

The Perceive Emotion power allows a questor to detect a person’s strongest emotion and the focus of that emotion. The questor makes a Perceive Emotion Test against the target’s Spell Defense. If the test succeeds, the gamemaster informs the questor’s player of the strongest emotion felt by the target from moment to moment while the power is in effect. The gamemaster also tells the player the target of that emotion.

The questor may learn specific information about the target’s emotions by asking leading questions.

Rabine, a Rank 5 questor of Mynbruje, seeks to discover if a Warrior murdered a young boy. The questor makes a successful Perceive Emotion Test against the Warrior, and casually asks him if he has ever been forced to kill children in his work. The gamemaster tells the questor that the Warrior replies, “No. Never.” The gamemaster adds that the Warrior feels afraid of the questor. The questor then mentions that the corpse of a boy was recently unearthed in a nearby ravine. The gamemaster informs the questor’s player that the Warrior is now feeling hatred, directed toward a boy. Because the questor chose his conversation carefully to avoid alerting the warrior, five minutes have passed and the power wears off. Did the Warrior kill the boy? Perhaps not, but he is definitely a suspect.

Perceive Emotion

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