Navigation Talent

Step: Rank + PER
Action: Sustained
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Use of this talent requires Navigation Charts.

The adept can read maps, chart courses, and even guide an airship safely through the skies, circumventing storms and turbulence, flying creatures, and other hazards. To pinpoint their location, navigators must be able to see the sky and must possess a set of navigator’s charts. Navigation most often means relying on the constellations of the Passions, the movement of the sun, and similar astrological phenomena for direction. Most maps have the constellations drawn around their borders for use with Shantaya’s sextant and similar navigational tools. Consequently, navigation is most effective on clear nights when the stars shine brightest. The adept spends ten minutes determining his current position and makes a Navigation Test against a Difficulty Number determined by the gamemaster, based on the Navigation Table, but modified depending on the circumstances. Incomplete or inaccurate charts increase the Difficulty Number by +1 to +5. The Test Result determines the adept’s accuracy. An Average Result gives a position accurate to within 10 miles; a Good Result yields one accurate within 5 miles; an Excellent Result, within 2 miles; an Extraordinary Result places the navigator within a mile of his target location. On a Poor or worse result, the adept becomes lost (see Getting Lost, below).

Navigation Table
Condition Difficulty Number
Clear night sky, few obstructions blocking the character’s view (on an open plain, for instance) 5
Scattered clouds and/or minor obstructions, such as low buildings 7
Partly cloudy or significant obstructions (trees, nearby mountains, and so on) 9
Overcast, heavy foliage or other conditions blocking the character’s view of the sky 12
Severe rainstorm or blizzard blocking the sky 18

Getting Lost

On a Poor Result, the adept inadvertently plots a destination 20 to 25 miles wide of his intended destination. He only recognizes his mistake if he makes another Navigation Test that yields a better result or arrives at the destination and realizes that it’s not the place he intended to travel to. A Pathetic Result positions the adept more than 25 miles away from the intended destination—he is completely lost, but will be fiercely adamant that he knows “exactly” where he is. Any further Navigation Tests the adept makes add +2 to the Difficulty Number (assuming he can be convinced to make another Test by his friends).

Navigation Talent

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