Mynbruje stands by the unjustly accused, those the law has passed over, and those misunderstood by their society. He is a busy Passion, for though the Name-givers occupy a special place in the universe, mere mortals are often blind to truth and understanding.

Ideals: Justice, Compassion, Empathy, Truth

Typical Appearance: Mynbruje usually appears as an old man or woman of any race.

Common Elements: Balanced scales, executioner’s axe, stars, a comfortable place to rest

Powers: Mynbruje can read minds, ease the suffering of others, perceive obscure clues, and travel through the thoughts of Name-givers, leaping from the mind of one to any other within fifty miles.


The questors of Mynbruje wear simple garments, sometimes peasant garb, to show that they care little for status or prestige. They imitate their Passion by devoting their lives to seeking truth and justice. They dedicate all their efforts to restoring balance to lives and communities, laboring to show criminals the error of their ways, helping society administer justice compassionately, and clearing the names of those wrongly accused.

Mynbruje’s questors serve their Passion in many ways. Some act as official judges in citadels, towns, and villages. Others travel throughout Barsaive randomly or along a prescribed route, adjudicating disputes and righting injustices. Everyone accepts the word of a questor of Mynbruje as law, though such questors often travel with other adepts and magicians as protection against those who would seek to evade judgment.

Acts of Devotion: Ease an accused person’s suffering (Minor). Reveal a falsehood (Major). Prove a criminal’s guilt or a suspect’s innocence (Zealous). Uncover and expose a conspiracy to murder a king or other high-ranking official (Quest).

Questor Powers: Ease Suffering, Increase Perception, Perceive Emotion


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