Longstride's Tears

This path through the hinterlands of Cara Fahd is not visible in many places. In other locations, the ground is dead and churned into baked mud – skeletal remains of wagons and Namegivers are all that betray the site of large battles or massacres.

Companies of former Ork scorcher tribes, now united under the common flag of the new kingdom of Cara Fahd, began driving non-Ork Namegivers from their country, killing any that they found – men, women, and children alike.

Refugees rallied around Quinn, a grizzled ranger, and his band of heroes. Quinn and his small company had been sent by Throal to do reconnaisance in the area, as it was known there was much unrest, and the local settlements had sent emissaries to Bartertown requesting aid. As they were rebuffed from all other routes, he led them across the Locust River at Grimeye’s Crossing and across the grasslands toward Stormhead. A major engagement occurred at the crossing, and again in a half-dozen places across the hinterlands as they made their way toward the relative safety of the Theran-controlled city.

Many of the t’skrang of Kelpoya were also driven from their homes, and several met up with Quinn at the crossing. These included many hardened boatmen, swordmaster adepts, and other seasoned fighters. Together they created a defensive shell around the hungry refugees as they made shore on the far side of the ford.

Attacks and raids were profuse. The trail of refugees was dogged daily by traditional scorcher raids, testing their rear defenses, circling around to attack every exposed flank. Quinn and the other capable Namegivers waged battle daily, repelling scorchers and trained cavalry alike until their final engagement with the combined might of the Ork tribes outside the walls of Stormhead.

Longstride's Tears

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