Lochost is the patron Passion of slaves, rebels, and scholars. The truly educated mind seeks the inspiration to break free from the beliefs of the past and make new discoveries, and so merits the protection of Lochost as surely as any freedom fighter.

The slow spread of Theran slavery across Barsaive has stretched Lochost’s attention thinner and thinner, and he depends upon increasing numbers of questors to do his work. At the sight of the slavery she desires, the Mad Passion Dis often confronts Lochost, and she currently wields greater power than he. The two last fought at a slave camp near the citadel of Tirthon, killing every slave and slaver in their savage combat. Wishing to avoid a repeat of the massacre, Lochost spends a great deal of time distracting Dis as his questors work to free the enslaved.

Ideals: Rebellion, Change, Freedom

Typical Appearance: Lochost usually manifests as a male or female child of any race, whose body and features constantly change.

Common Elements: Strong wind, uprooted trees, open gates

Powers: Lochost inspires rebellion, comforts the imprisoned, unlocks doors and prisons, and can fly through the air by transforming into wind.


Lochost’s questors can be found anywhere in Barsaive that oppression or inequity rules. Many questors of Lochost agitate for change in pursuit of equality and Name-giver dignity, opposing Theran rule and slavery. Others propose political reforms in established communities and within the Kingdom of Throal, acting as devil’s advocates in an effort to ensure that those in power continue to govern responsibly. Still others foment rebellion for the sake of change, imitating their Passion by constantly challenging the status quo.

As long as Thera practices slavery, questors of Lochost will actively oppose Thera’s rule, sowing and nurturing rebellion in slave camps and mining operations throughout Barsaive and all over the world. All Therans accept the edict that questors of Lochost must be exposed and eradicated in order to preserve their lifestyle, and the Mad Passion Dis hunts Lochost relentlessly, determined to extinguish the light of his inspiration.

Acts of Devotion: Comfort a person enslaved against his will (Minor). Help someone who has escaped slavery (Major). Free an entire camp of slaves (Zealous). Convince a nation’s leader to outlaw slavery (Quest).

Questor Powers: Break Shackles, Change Thoughts, Inspire Rebellion


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