Karker and his wife Gabriella emerged from Kaer Darranis along with most of its denizens in [Throalic calendar date] after much debate by the kaer elders over whether the outside world was safe. Karker was among the first exploratory groups to venture forth and report back to the elders.

Known among the kaer dwellers as a man of dignity, he’d worked long hours every day drawing water from the kaer’s lone elemental wellspring and delivering it to to the artisans, herders, and farmers who needed it. With the exodus to the site of their ancestral home, a water bearer would no longer be needed. Karker was ever a pragmatist so he decided to change professions. Gabriella was heavy with child and Karker resolved to take up the trade of his forefathers along the banks of the Coil River. And so he took up fishing to supply the growing settlement of Darranis with another source of food. Like most other things he set out to do, he quickly became highly successful.

By the time Gabriella gave birth to their son Dremnin, Karker already had two other apprentices, and they all were drawing large quantities of fish from the the river. He had high hopes that his son would enthusiastically take up the family trade since Karker considered it a point of pride that he himself had stepped into the footsteps of his pre-Scourge ancestors.

It is quite ironic that Karker’s success inevitably drove his son to the open road. Karker consistently hauled in big freshwater sturgeon and even monstrous river sharks, established his own smokehouse, and began selling dried, smoked fish that became reknowned within nearby communities as Darranis began to communicate with the outside world. Soon travelling merchants began to arrive, and one of their destinations became Karker’s Fishery & Smokehouse. His operation began to expand, and he came to forge trade alliances with favorable merchant houses. His home along the Coil River became the hamlet of Diamede as more and more townsfolk from Derranis began working to help his growing operation, and quickly re-settling around him. His interactions with travelers and influential merchants enchanted young Dremnin about the grand possibilities awaiting him if he could only find a way out of Diamede and Derranis.


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