Countless Name-givers have invoked Jaspree’s name during the past hundred years as people across Barsaive have revived farmlands and forests devastated during the Scourge.

Moved by his deep love of all growing things, Jaspree has answered the call of his followers. He wanders under the deep shadows cast by towering trees and stops to smell the smallest wildflowers that line Barsaive’s well-traveled roads. Thanks to his aid, the world has grown green and rich with life in the years since the end of the Scourge.

Ideals: Growth, Care of the Land, Love of the Wilderness

Typical Appearance: Jaspree usually manifests as a male or female creature, half animal and half any Name-giver race.

Common Elements: Trees, farms, forests, seeds

Powers: Jaspree encourages growth in plants, animals and Name-givers; animates plants; speaks with animals; and travels through dirt as if swimming through water.


A majority of Jaspree’s questors devote their Passion-given powers to nurturing small patches of Barsaive where plant life survived the Scourge, and to coaxing seemingly barren areas back to life. Questors of Jaspree recognize the intrinsic, basic value of plant life as the building block for all other life. They make a point of teaching this lesson to careless travelers and those who deliberately destroy their work, sometimes going so far as to trade a life for a life.

Other questors of Jaspree seek to protect the lives of animals and Name-givers as well as plant life. These questors defend the communities in which they live against marauders who would destroy any living thing, but understand that Name-givers need to sow fields in order to eat, and that some forests must die to support other life. They see life as an endless cycle of death and rebirth, and accept both as having equal worth.

Questors of Jaspree also embrace opportunities to travel to the far reaches of Barsaive and beyond to learn more about the plant life of the world, sow life in barren lands, and to protect endangered species of plant life.

Acts of Devotion: Plant seeds over a one-acre area (Minor). Nurture a farm or forest area for one week or more (Major). Protect a farm, forest area, or herd of animals from casual or deliberate harm (Zealous). Undo the effects of the Scourge to a considerable patch of land (Quest).

Questor Powers: Animate Plant, Command Animal, Plant Growth


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