Invae Burnings

Chorrolis, the Passion of wealth and trade, was much venerated along the great trading routes and wealthy cities of the ancient kingdoms of Landis and Cara Fahd. Long ago, when the Scourge was but a dark rumor, one cult of his followers worshipped Chorrolis with greater fervor than any other in those lands. As they grew in number, their rivals in trade began to disappear. The dead bodies of some were found, others never appeared again. When the leaders of Landis and Cara Fahd at last began searching for the killers, they discovered the cult of Chorrolis had come under the sway of an evil, loathsome insect race called the invae.

The invae knew no mercy toward the people of Barsaive; they took captives and used them in bizarre, arcane rituals that transformed their captives into insects or summoned more of their cursed race from the black depths of astral space. No one knew how long the invae had worked their evil will in Barsaive, nor how far their presence had spread.

Panic swept through Landis at the news of the invae and soon spilled over to other kingdoms. Soldiers and terrified citizens swept through the temples of Chorrolis, slaying all within and burning the buildings. Unable to tell friend from foe in their frenzy, the people also razed temples of Astendar and Floranuus and killed many of their innocent worshippers.

These first attacks — known as the Invae Burnings — killed hundreds of invae. The rest fought fiercely to protect their brood, and the streets ran red with blood. The terrible battles of sword and magic destroyed the once-proud city of Emmerlich and left the very earth on which it stood lifeless.

The burning of the invae continued across Barsaive long after the creatures had died or gone into hiding, and thousands of innocents lost their lives. In memory of their dead, followers of Chorrolis hold a bitter feast once a year. Even today, the followers of Chorrolis still carry a light stigma of being corrupt — some people believe the loathsome creatures survived the burnings and the Scourge and even now work their evil among the races of Barsaive through corrupted followers of Chorrolis. And who can tell if someone is corrupted or not?

Invae Burnings

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