Into Hell

After taking many items from the tomb of Derin Kuyu, the group move off into marketplace passageways into a common area that had several passages leading to dwellings. While exploring the uninhabited kaer, sounds could be heard in the distance that eventually became recognizable as the laughter of children or babes.

As the group readied themselves to meet the until-now hidden inhabitants, the musical laughter stole over many of them, leaving them feeling an induced peacefulness that resisted their urges to defend themselves. As the younglings appeared from two key passageways, the group got their first look at Selenys’ Lurkers. Though horrific to behold the corrupted babes, many found themselves unable to resist as barbed tentacles erupted from the constructs’ backs, striking deep and injecting a suggestive serum. Those struck found themselves moving quickly down one hallway into the waiting maw of the Kaer Mole, where they found themselves unable to resist the urge to climb in. Hannah was left unmolested by the Lurkers, but walked purposefully into the giant construct’s mouth. Skram was the last to succumb, but even he found himself diving into the beast’s mouth, Lurkers clustering all around.

The group found themselves fumbling in darkness surrounded by cold stone. After hunting for light quartzes and torches, they found they were all present. Dremnin led the way through natural caverns, attempting to find a channel that would lead them to fresh air and sunlight. Instead, they happened on a large melee between two groups.

It appeared a small knot of shaven-headed fighters were besieged by a dozen or more twisted men. Some had arms ending in twisted claws. Others were morbidly obese immense men with bluish mottled skin. The motley bunch were savagely tearing into the more organized group of five men. By the time the group could spearhead through the savages to the defenders, most were dead. One was unconscious and bleeding heavily and the other was selling his life dearly, savages piled high around him. Now outnumbered, two remaining savages fled. Fafnir managed to cut one down as they went past, but the other escaped down twisting passages.

Rather than pursue, the group efficiently dispatched unconscious savages while Vridich S’alamanthyr helped the bald man apply poultices and bind the wounds of his unconscious companion. Dremnin and the man, suspicious of the group, displayed their artisan skills in the known way to prove oneself untainted. The man’s eyes widened when he saw Dremnin drawing a map of Kaer Derinkuyu, and motioned for the group to follow him. He slung his companion over his shoulder and made to leave. He would take the group to his leader.

Into Hell

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