Instill Love

Instill love table

Step Number: Rank+CHA
Duration: Rank days
Action: Sustained
Passion: Astendar

The Instill Love power allows a questor to make a target character romantically inclined toward him. The questor spends 3 rounds flirting or speaking in a friendly and encouraging manner with the character, then makes an Instill Love Test against the target’s Social Defense.

If the test succeeds, the target’s Attitude towards the questor improves by a number of degrees according to the Instill Love Table (see the Gamemastering chapter on p. 90 of the Gamemaster’s Compendium). For example, if a questor achieves a Good result against a Neutral character, the character’s Attitude is increased by 1 degree to Loyal. The target affected by the Instill Love power may feel anything from puppy love to intense lust. The questor’s attitude toward the target and the gamemaster’s discretion determine how the target reacts to the Instill Love power. If the questor treats the target as someone to be dealt with patiently, then the target might show only puppy love, afraid of being rejected if he makes his true feelings known. If the questor openly invites physical attention, then the target might arrange to always be near the questor, holding his hand and suggesting they slip off alone.

If the gamemaster chooses to rely less on roleplaying, he may assign a degree or type of love to each result level and determine the target’s feelings that way. The gamemaster should feel free to add complications to this budding relationship. Love is tricky, and Astendar’s questors well know that when they dabble with romance, they often invite more than they bargained for.

Instill Love

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