Increase Stamina

Step Number: Rank + CHA
Duration: Rank rounds
Action: Sustained
Passion: Floranuus

Increase stamina table

The Increase Stamina power allows a questor to encourage and inspire companions to continue on and endure physical hardship. The Increase Stamina power increases a target character’s Toughness step, also improving the target’s Toughness based abilities, talents and skills.

The questor speaks inspirational words to the target group for 3 rounds, encouraging his listeners to live like Floranuus and revel in motion, then makes an Increase Stamina Test against the highest Social Defense among the target group, +1 for each additional character. If the test succeeds, all those affected gain a +1 bonus to their Toughness based Tests for every 3 Questor ranks the questor possesses, as shown in the Increase Stamina Table.

Increase Stamina

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