Fog Ghost

Threads: 2
Weaving: 6 / 15
Casting: TSD (see text)
Range: 10 yards (5 hexes)
Duration: Rank + 3 rounds
Effect: Summons fog ghost

This spell coalesces fog from the surrounding air and coaxes a maleficent spirit to inhabit it. The magician blows openly into the air and makes a Spellcasting Test against the spirit’s Spell Defense. If successful, the fog ghost appears where the magician wishes within the spell’s range, whereupon it immediately attacks the nearest character (even the magician himself). The fog ghost continues to indiscriminately attack whoever is nearest to it during each round of its existence, until it is destroyed or the spell ends. Destroying the fog does not harm the spirit, which simply returns to its netherworld and waits for another chance to harm the living. A fog ghost will not attack undead or other spirits. The spell cannot be cast in desert or other very dry environments, nor can it be cast when the temperature is below freezing. Fog ghosts are vulnerable to damage from normal weapons—their high Physical Defense represents the difficulty of hitting the “thick” areas of fog that house the spirit.

Fog Ghost
DEX: 7 STR: 7 TOU: 5
PER: 6 WIL: 7 CHA: 6
Initiative: 7 Physical Defense: 14
Actions: 1 Spell Defense: 8
Attack (1): 8 Social Defense: 12
Damage: Physical Armor: 0
Unarmed (3): 10 Mystic Armor: 4
Death: 31 Recovery Tests: 1
Unconsciousness: NA Knockdown: 7
Wound Threshold: 8 Movement: 6*
Legend Award: Second Circle

*This value is the spirit’s flying Movement Rate

Fog Ghost

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