Floranuus is the perpetual optimist and the motivator of all Name-givers. He burns in the hearts of all who rise eagerly from their beds each morn to meet the new day. He inspires all people toward victory, and stands at the center of all celebrations.

As the embodiment of joy, mirth, and excitement, he lacks understanding of despair. He sends his questors to help the deeply depressed, knowing that they may empathize with such feelings in a way that he cannot.

Ideals: Revelry, Energy, Victory, Motion

Typical Appearance: Floranuus usually manifests as a humanoid shape composed of fire. However, the manifestation neither gives off heat nor burns any objects it touches.

Common Elements: Fire, parties, cheers, swift ships of both air and sea, wine, roads

Powers: Floranuus increases stamina, alters moods from depression to exhilaration, and can travel at breathtaking speed anywhere in the world as a ball of fire.


Because they feel a renewed optimism at the beginning of each new day, the questors of Floranuus actively encourage everyone around them to share their enthusiasm for living. These men and women find a silver lining in every cloud and recognize a positive aspect in even the most dire or depressing situations. The questors of Floranuus provide an instantly recognizable emblem of their Passion’s ideals by wearing bold, bright colors that invariably cheer people up and inspire them to action of some sort. These questors spend their lives traveling across Barsaive seeking those who have lost hope, then doing all they can to revive a spark of joy in those souls.

Questors of Floranuus willingly go to whatever lengths seem necessary to light up the world around them as brightly as the flames of their Passion. Though many people grumble that questors of Floranuus are nothing but glorified busy-bodies, none question their benevolent motives or absolutely sincere desire to change people’s lives for the better.

Acts of Devotion: Participate in or organize a race or other physical competition (Minor). Organize a celebration with at least 100 or more guests to require at least one week of work (Major). Raise your side’s flag within enemy territory at the turning point of a battle (Zealous). End a war between two enemy communities or nations (Quest).

Questor Powers: Increase Speed, Increase Stamina, Speed Ship


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