Known as Erendis before the Scourge, this Passion once stood for the ideals of Order, Bureaucracy and Work. Now, even with her warped ideals, Dis is a popular Passion among those who make their living from the Theran slave trade. Unlike the other Passions, Dis takes her greatest pleasure in destroying people’s passion for life, rather than inspiring it. She bleeds away her worshippers’ zest for living and they in turn demoralize those they subjugate. Eventually, the slaves and bureaucrats influenced by this Mad Passion become empty husks, devoid of dreams and feelings. Dis wants to extend this death of the soul throughout the world.

In addition to the slavers, Dis also inspires bureaucrats who create paperwork merely to look busy, rather than out of a need for the records or fondness for their work. Few activities spread boredom more effectively than generating useless records and information, and Dis spends a great deal of her time encouraging people to do just that.

Ideals: Confusion, Unnecessary Work, Complex Bureaucratic Hierarchies, Slavery and Mastery

Typical Appearance: Dis manifests as a thin, sickly male or female of any race, who seems to have been deprived of sunlight and exercise for far too long.

Common Elements: Papers, papers and more papers, contracts, tomes of ritual, slaves, chains
Powers: Dis can remove fervor from those around her and cause confusion in their minds, make people obey her will, and teleport instantaneously to any place she has visited before.


The questors of Dis imitate their Passion’s desire for unimaginative uniformity by dressing in gray and making themselves look pale. Some questors of Dis seize or otherwise control mercantile bureaucracies or slaver operations in order to embody their Passion’s ideals, living comfortably off the fruits of others’ labors. Other questors of Dis seek nothing less than complete detachment from their fellow man and the human condition, thus exemplifying the disdain with which Dis views all living beings.

Acts of Devotion: Impose one’s will on another sentient being (Minor). Create an obscure method of controlling information and work flow that offers no practical value (Major). Force a worthy opponent into slavery (Zealous). Set up a slave-trading network (Quest).

Questor Powers: Confusion, Enslave, Living Death


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