Create Structure

Step Number: Rank+WIL
Duration: Rank hours
Action: Sustained
Passion: Upandal

The Create Structure power allows a questor to create a temporary bridge or tower. The questor meditates for 3 rounds, then makes a Create Structure (8) Test. If the test succeeds, the questor generates a number of Structure Points equal to the Create Structure Test result.

Each Structure Point creates up to 2 horizontal yards of bridge or 2 vertical yards of tower. The questor can use these Structure Points as he likes, making the bridge or tower longer or shorter, as desired. Regardless of their length or height, bridges created by this power are always no more than 10 yards wide and towers no greater than 10 yards in diameter. Each structure has a Physical Armor rating of 15 and a Damage Rating of 50 (see Barriers and Structures). Unused Structure Points add +2 to the Physical Armor or +5 to the Damage Rating of the bridge or tower. For example, a questor makes a Create Structure Test with a result of 18. This gives him 18 Structure Points to use to build his bridge or tower. The questor spends 8 Structure Points to create a tower 16 yards high and 10 yards in diameter. The remaining 10 Structure Points are used to increase the tower’s Physical Armor to 25 and its Damage Rating to 75.

Bridges created using this power are constructed from gray stones, with low stone railings on either side. They can span any type of obstacle, including rivers, chasms, and pits. If the questor’s Create Structure Test fails to generate sufficient Structure Points to create a bridge long enough to span the complete distance, nothing appears. Towers created using this power are also made of gray stone. A floor appears in the tower for every 6 yards of height, connected by a spiral staircase that winds up through the interior wall of the tower, passing through each floor. A door on the first floor provides access to the tower, and each floor has two windows.

The questor may dispel his own structure at any time by making a successful Willpower Test against the Create Structure Test result. Otherwise, the bridge or tower remains in place for the entire duration of the power.

Create Structure

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