Chorrolis wanders the world, aiding those who want to strike a clever bargain or long for more wealth than they have. He inspires people to rise at dawn and work to improve their lot, and leaves them despairing if they go to bed at night without having succeeded.

Despite his status as a Passion and the extraordinary powers he possesses, Chorrolis brims over with jealousy and avarice. He covets anything of value or beauty that someone else owns, and his desire to possess such items often drives him to distraction. Because he scorns simple stealing as the act of a coward, Chorrolis must resort to other methods of acquisition. Bargaining is his method of choice. He has been known to hound the owner of a desired piece of merchandise for weeks at a time, turning up and offering a deal when the owner least expects it. Because he subtly disguises his appearance, most people do not recognize Chorrolis and eventually take the price he offers, desperate to be rid of the obsessive merchant following them around. Those who do recognize Chorrolis bide their time before selling, knowing that he will drive up his price to ridiculous heights. The patient trader can make a staggering profit by playing on Chorrolis’ desperate desire.

Ideals: Wealth, Trade, Jealousy, Desire

Typical Appearance: Chorrolis often appears as a corpulent male of any race, either jovial or bitter and depressed. He wears fine clothes, and often carries silver and gold or beautiful and expensive objects around with him.

Common Elements: Bags of treasure, caravans, goods for sale, food

Powers: Chorrolis can incite greed, encourage cooperation in matters of trade, and travel instantaneously along any road or waterway used as a trade route.


Questors of Chorrolis rise from the ranks of capable, usually greedy merchants. Some ply their trade from market stalls in Bartertown, while others satisfy their desire to imitate Chorrolis by traveling across Barsaive in trade caravans.

Chorrolis frequently inspires his questors to acquire specific objects that he treasures. Widely known for their unbeatable bargaining skills, the questors of Chorrolis usually conceal their devotion to the Passion in order to negotiate favorable deals with the unwary.

Acts of Devotion: Conduct trade involving goods valued at 50 silver pieces or more. The questor need not deal with every merchant he sees, but must negotiate at least one notable transaction every time he passes through a marketplace (Minor). Spend considerable time pursuing a rumor describing potential profit (Major). Secure a loan with outrageous interest rates and serious late-payment penalties in an attempt to make an extraordinary profit (Zealous). Obtain a rare and legendary object (Quest).

Questor Powers: Encourage Trade, Incite Greed, Locate Valuables


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