Cause Pain

Step Number: Rank+CHA
Duration: Rank rounds
Action: Sustained
Passion: Raggok

The Cause Pain power allows a questor to inflict horrible, physical pain on a target character with the sound of his voice. The questor speaks to the character for 3 rounds, then makes a Cause Pain Test against the target’s Social Defense. If the test succeeds, the questor’s voice, enhanced by Raggok’s foul strength, wracks the target with excruciating pain.

While under the effect of the Cause Pain power, the character feels as though someone or something is repeatedly driving countless sharp needles into his flesh, even though he can see no physical source that might cause such pain. Each round, the target may make a Willpower Test against the Cause Pain step to suppress the pain. If the test succeeds, he works past the worst of the pain and can act that round, although he is considered Harried when doing so. If the test fails, the target is overcome by the pain, doubled-over and screaming in agony, and cannot perform any actions that round; he is considered Knocked Down while so immobilized.

Like the Pain spell, the Cause Pain power has no effect on creatures that neither feel pain, or are otherwise inured against or used to it. This includes undead, most Horrors or Horror constructs, and blood elves. Unlike the Pain spell, the questor need not concentrate to maintain the power’s effect; he is free to act normally after he has invoked this power against a target.

Cause Pain

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