Broken Link Brewery

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Broken Link Brewery is locates in the Throalic Proper town of Yistane. S’kram and Dremnin purchased 60% of a Brewery and turned it in to the Broken Link Brewery. The brew master is Rokin Stor and his wife Hilda

The ales produced here have been named for the members of The Unchained. Here is a list of the brew currently being made at the brewery.

Skrams labeled barrel
S’kram’s Red Ale
Skram’s Red Ale, is a sharply acidic, reddish, half-brothers to the Dwarven Brown Ales. The additional difference is that it is filtered and pasteurized. The sharp acidity and some of the color is derived from aging in large wooden casks.

Dremnin labeled barel
Dremnin’s Rauchbier is a pilsner style brew. The malt for this beer is kilned over a fire and absorbs the dark, husky aromas associated with oak. This beer is full-bodied with plenty of smoky aroma and is a dark copper in color. This brew is still balanced, with an average alcohol and bitterness.

Urgrals labeled barel
Urgral’s Mado’yeh is a fully flavored malt oatmeal breakfast beer with a slight hint of cherry. The beer is sweetened with a small amount of cream and honey. It has a light alcohol content to make it drinkable at any time of day.

Stilicho s labeled barrel

Stilicho’s Extra Special Bitter is characterized by medium to strong hop aroma, bitterness, and a richer maltiness. The combination of both the stronger malt and the higher hop value make this brew the most complex and full-flavored bitter style in the Kingdom.

Here is a list of the Brews that the Brewery would like to start making in the future.

Dagmar labeled barel
Dagmars Quadrupel Abby Ale is a strong ale but not made in a monastery although it was at one time.
Quadrupel malts as one might guess are the darkest and the strongest with an emphasis on the malt. They tend to be a little harder to find.

Suulin labeled barel
Suulin’s Fruit Lambic represents the oldest style of beer found in the Kingdom of Throal. This style resembles wine and champagne more than any other beer in the Kingdom. The lambic gains its tartness from a content of at least 30% raw wheat in addition to malted barley, but it’s defining characteristic is the use of wild yeast, or “spontaneous” fermentation. Wild airborne yeasts, indigenous to the region, ascend upon open brewing vessels in attics of farmhouse breweries, where nature takes its course. It has a fermentation period of a year in wooden casks where dark berries are added to give the deep fruit flavor.

Vridich labeled barel
Vridich’s Mystic Barley Wine, with the strength of wine and the complexity of cognac, this beers show extraordinary richness, depth, and alcoholic warmth. Like fine wines, they benefit from aging, which allows their intense flavors to marry and deepen. This barley wine is usually set apart by more assertive hop bitterness and a high residual malty sweetness.

Broken Link Brewery

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