“The Peace Within”

Held during the Winter Solstice, A’velar’yad helps to cultivate the spiritual side of the moot (known as jar’arak) and gives each tro’o’astia time to know his own mind more fully

What happens

This solemn event occurs at the dead of the cold mountain winter. As the days get shorter, the cooks in the clan prepare the ritual food that accompanies this time. It is known as al’nor’gola (rock-food) and is about as appetizing as dwarven mine rations. The hunters also cure large amounts of meat for jerky.

On the shortest day of the year, the clan is awakened at dawn without a word, with only the ringing of a bell to prepare for this day. For the entire week, no one speaks. All work stops. The only activities allowed are:

1) Eating: And even this is restricted to jerky, al’nor’gola, and water. The fast keeps the mind focused inward.

2) Sleeping

3) Art: Each troll pursues his own path. From the troll viewpoint, art is not created for the viewer, but for the artist. But often in the life of the tro’o’astia there is little time for music or sculpture. This addresses that need and tempers the often-mercurial nature of the artist with the inner peace that a well-made and beautiful piece of artwork can bring.

4) Meditation: This is, quite simply, inner thought, thinking about whatever and whomever one wants. This serves to do away with useless and distracting thoughts and to focus the mind. Often when this is done, the winter seems less daunting and all tasks seem easier to complete.

This is quite a sight for anyone not familiar with it. An entire clan of trolls sitting in their longhouse in complete silence, each contemplating his or her own inner self and bringing themselves closer to jar’arak. My first time among them, this brought me to tears at the simple dignity and beauty of it all.


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