Twilight Tower

The Twilight Tower

In the rocky interior of the central Twilight Peaks, a ruined tower juts from the slope of a mountain like a skeletal finger pointing at the sky. Named the Twilight Tower, this mysterious place was once the home of the Order of Silver Twilight, founded long before the Scourge by nethermancers and wizards from Ustrect and Landis who gathered together in the Twilight Peaks to study the mysteries of Death’s Sea and the netherworlds. The crystal raider clans fought a few skirmishes against the “foreign magicians” in their midst, but soon learned to respect their power and left them alone.

As the Scourge drew near, the Order of Silver Twilight devoted more and more of its time to studying the Horrors and their powers in hopes of discovering ways to protect Barsaive Name-givers. Some even hoped to discover the strange netherworld from which the Horrors came, believing that understanding their nature would make them easier to banish or kill. This dangerous work made the crystal raider clans shun them utterly, and may have led to their downfall.

No one knows what actually happened to the Order of the Silver Twilight. Since the Scourge, numerous drakkars have spotted the Twilight Tower still standing on the mountainside, its mystic wards and stone walls apparently intact but the stone scorched and pitted in places as if by fire or acid. No one has been seen to leave or enter the tower for nearly a hundred years, and the local trollmoots believe it is abandoned. Some raiders report seeing strange lights or hearing odd noises from inside the tower. The most popular theories among the troll clans are that the magicians brought a magical curse upon themselves, or that a Horror breached the tower and resides there still amid the few nethermancers it has left alive to torment. The raiders scrupulously avoid the tower for fear of disturbing the Horror or whatever else might dwell there.

"During my time with the trolls of the Stoneclaw moot, I passed by the Twilight Tower twice while cruising through the area aboard the Stoneclaw Sky Raider ships. It is impossible to go past the peak where the tower stands and not gaze upon it. The tower is massive and made of black stone. It looms ominiously among the clouds and is a true wonder to behold.

The first time I saw it, the tower appeared dark, abandoned and dead. The second time however, it was dark and still, but as we went past I saw several flashes of bright blue-green light through one of the windows. Then it was still once again. The flash had to come from some magical source. I felt an unnatural chill as we passed by, and for some reason, I felt as though there was some kind of fight or struggle taking place within the confines of the ancient walls of the tower."

— Stilicho Alaricson – Lord of Konigsberg

Twilight Tower

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