Thread Weaving

Step: Rank + PER
Action: Standard
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Thread Weaving Talent Table
Discipline Thread Weaving
Air Sailor Air Weaving
Archer Arrow Weaving
Beastmaster Beast Weaving
Cavalryman Rider Weaving
Elementalist Elementalism
Illusionist Illusionism
Nethermancer Nethermancy
Scout Scout Weaving
Sky Raider Sky Weaving
Swordmaster Weapon Weaving
Thief Thief Weaving
Troubadour Story Weaving
Warrior War Weaving
Weaponsmith Thread Weaving
Wizard Wizardry

Unique to each Discipline.

The adept creates and manipulates magical threads. He can have a maximum number of permanent threads active equal to his Thread Weaving Rank. Each individual thread can be woven to a maximum Thread Rank equal to the adept’s Thread Weaving Rank.

Caelarion knows Thread Weaving at Rank 3, allowing him to have up to three threads active at any time, with each thread woven to a maximum of thread Rank 3.

This limit does not apply to threads woven into spell patterns; such threads are temporary, lasting only long enough for the spell to be cast. If a magician achieves an Excellent Result when weaving a spell pattern, he manages to weave an additional thread to the spell in that round. See the Workings of Magic (p. 104) and Spell Magic (p. 129) chapters for more information about threads and spell patterns.

Each Discipline has its own unique Named variant of the Thread Weaving talent, shown in parentheses in the Discipline’s talent progression. If a rule calls for this specific Name, the Thread Weaving talent by that Name from that specific Discipline must be used, not just any Thread Weaving talent. Adepts with more than one Discipline learn and improve each of their Discipline’s Thread Weaving talents independently. See Learning New Disciplines, p. 241, for more information on multi-Disciplining and the Thread Weaving talent. For the purpose of weaving permanent threads, they use only the highest Rank among all their Thread Weaving talents.

The Thread Weaving talent also gives adepts a limited type of astral sight called Thread Sight (see Astral Sensing, p. 112), allowing only enough vision to see threads and patterns. See Nature of Threads, p. 113, for more information on threads, thread weaving, and True Patterns.

Weave Threads into Spell

If a spell requires spell threads, the magician weaves them using the appropriate Thread Weaving talent (Elementalism, Illusionism, Nethermancy, or Wizardry). To weave a spell thread, the magician makes a Thread Weaving Test against the thread’s Weaving Difficulty. If the test succeeds, the thread is woven.

The magician may attempt to weave more than one thread in a round. He multiplies the Weaving Difficulty by the total number of threads he wants to weave, and makes a Thread Weaving Test against this higher Difficulty. If successful, the desired number of spell threads is woven. If the test fails, the magician weaves no threads; he may try again next round, as normal.

If the magician achieves an Excellent result on his Thread Weaving Test, he weaves an additional thread to the spell. This is the case whether he is weaving one or multiple spell threads that round. A magician cannot normally weave spell threads and cast a spell during the same round. Having woven the required threads, the magician must cast the spell during the next round. Some high circle talents may allow a magician to weave threads and cast a spell in the same round.

Thread Weaving

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