Kaer Derinkuyu

Khazad dum

The kear known as Derinkuyu was named after the Dwarf vassal thane to pre-Scourge Throal. The broad residential sectons were intially carved from the soft basalt to suit the needs of a largely Dwarven population. But Derin Kuyu was a generous and prosperous leader, and he took in members of other races stranded while making their way across Barsaive in the final days of the Scourge.

As the Scourge approached, more and more of the daily activities of the population began to occur in the markets inside the kaer. As such there are warrens in what became two market “networks” inside the kaer.

Aside from that, there is the grand gathering hall that doubled as a temple to Upandaal, revered among Dwarves over all other Passions. When Derin died, he was interred at the far end of the hall with his weapns and craft tools. Over the following centuries, the hall was decorated with carvings comemmorating Derin’s legendary adventures and exploits, and upon the temple pillars were carved what became “The Dirge of Derin”, a generationally-updated ode to the kaer’s famous founder. In it is contained a history of events inside the kaer.

Kaer Derinkuyu

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