Coil River

Coil river

The Coil River runs from the Throal Mountains through Lake Ban to the Aras Sea. It is one of the most prosperous tributaries of the Serpent River and along its shores settle more Name-Givers than anywhere else in the waterway-system.

Before the Scourge, the most northern point reachable on the Coil River was Adiapae Ford, a small settlement about fifty miles north of Lake Ban. A T’Skrang riverboat captain discovered a way through the rapids up to the Kingdom of Throal during the Theran War. Today the Adiapae Rapids are so well mapped that few captains fear them and thus the Coil is navigable 250 more miles upstream to the small town of Darranis, from which a major caravan route leads to the city of Bartertown.

At Lake Ban, where the Floating City of the T’skrang is located, the Coil River intersects with the Serpent River, before it continues on its way to the Aras Sea. The Coil’s southern reaches are lined with farming villages; the city of Axalalail is here located as well on the northern bank. Shortly before it enters the sea, the river divides into three branches which form the Coil Delta. Here the city of Urupa is located.

Coil River

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