Bone Circle

Threads: 3 (ritual; see text)
Weaving: 6 / 17
Casting: 9
Range: Touch
Duration: Rank + 3 months
Area of Effect: 2-yard (1-hex) radius circle around center
Effect: WIL + 5

This ritual spell invites a wandering spirit to live within a circle made of bones. The bones of one or more non-sentient animals are used to construct a Bone Circle no bigger than the area of effect. The magician spends one hour per thread walking the circumference, scratching or tracing magical inscriptions and placing bones to form the circle’s outline. After completing the circle, he touches the bones and makes a Spellcasting (9) Test. If successful, a bone spirit is summoned to live within the circle. The spirit is not very intelligent. It cannot leave the bone circle, but will take physical action against anyone attempting to enter or already in the circle. Some spells, such as Grave Message (p. 174) and Spirit Portal (p. 200), require the use of a bone circle. A magician may have a number of active bone circles equal to his Spellcasting Rank. Kicking away the bones and erasing the inscriptions is not sufficient to destroy a bone circle—it just makes it more difficult to see the circle’s outline and therefore avoid disturbing the spirit that dwells there. A Bone Circle can be dispelled, but the magician must touch the circle to do so, risking assault from the spirit. The bone spirit will not harm its summoner, but cannot otherwise be controlled.

Bone Spirit


Stat Step Dice
DEX Effect Step/2 *
STR Effect Step/2 *
TOU 8 2d6
PER 7 d12
WIL 7 d12
CHA 7 d12


Initiative: DEX Physical Defense: 12
Physical Armor: 0 Spell Defense: 9
Mystic Armor: 3 Social Defense: 14
Death Rating: 43 Recovery Tests: 3/2d6
Unconscious: NA Knockdown: STR
Wound Threshold: 12 Movement: 6 (Flying)
Attack: DEX Damage: STR
  • The magician allocates the spell’s Effect Step as evenly as possible between the spirit’s Dexterity and Strength Steps

Bone Circle

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