On the trading route between Tansiarda and the Kingdom of Throal, the trading town of Ardanyan flourishes from the traffic. Founded by a group of wealthy merchants, the town boasts above average defenses and provides travelers with a safe haven from the ork scorchers threatening the area.

It was recently found out that Council of Ardanyan had covered up that there was an unopened Kaer Ardanyan. Secretly the Council had access to the Kaer and used it’s mining resources to fund the cities expansion and defenses. Along with the Council’s deep pockets. Unfortunately for the council, a group of adepts was secretly sent out of the Kaer to find out if the Scourge was over. What they found instead was a big cover up by the Council. Returning to the Kaer, the adepts exposed the Council and freed the peoples of Kaer Ardanyan. The Council fled for their lives.

While the city of Ardanyan is in a bit of chaos, due to the influx of increased residents, the town continues to flourish under then new Council of Ardanyan.

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