8th Circle Ork Warrior Adept - Order of the Hand


8th Circle Ork Warrior Adept
Order Of The Hand
Ally to The Unchained.
Mentor to Thurm


Roinak is an Ork Warrior Adept of The Hand, a monastic order of Warriors in Bartertown. He trained Stilicho in exchange for passage aboard the Dashing Stag for him and three of his brothers to the ruins of Parlainth where they fought a horror. Only Roinak survived.

Suulin and Stilicho saved Roinak’s life by convincing him to return from Paralinth to Bartertown to gather reinforcements rather than face the horror again on his own. He eventually agreed and is now friends with Stilicho and Suulin. Roinak and one of his men, Thurm, volunteered to make a trip to Travar to safely deliver letters to Stilicho‚Äôs brother Warrick and his ally, the master Wizard adept, Malikoes.


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