In the mid 90s a group of gentlemen and scholars (read: college idiots) decided to band together to fight evil and vanquish Horrors. There were many (mis)adventures, many laughs, lots of camaraderie and a ton of fun in the world of Earthdawn. Eventually, some of us managed to graduate and life took us all in different directions. In the early months of ’11 a few phone calls and emails were placed and poof! the gang was back together; ready to sh!tstomp some Horrors again. Thus the Heroes Unchained campaign was born. Since we are spread out over four different states, we use Skype and on game nights. So grab some Hurlg and enjoy!

The Unchained

Urgral – 6th Circle Dwarven Horror Stalker with an axe to grind…preferably against a Horror’s face.

Skram – 6th Circle T’skrang Taildancer and Air Sailor. Self proclaimed “Ladies’ Lizard”…has a tail with a mind of its own.

Dremnin – 6th Circle Human Scout and Father figure to Hannah. Always seeking…

Vridich – 6th Circle Elven Nethermancer and Elementalist. Walking spellbook tattooed on his body. Hunted by Therans.

Stilicho – 6th Circle Human Warrior and displaced Lord of Konigsberg. Captain of the Dashing Stag.

Suulin – 5th Circle Human Troubadour with a gift for words and stories.

Dagmar – 6th Circle Troll Weaponsmith whose steel is as strong as his honor.

Current Sessions and Journals

Interludes – Twilight Peaks

The Unchained decide to stay for a month and help the Steelskull Clan with repairs. Some of The Unchained train while others decide to go spelunking. Kaer Derinkuyu is revisited in hopes that they will open their doors to the rest of the outside world.

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Session 15 – The Reach Awakens

Lacking rest and recovery, The Unchained decide the best policy to deal with a Horror is still a good ol’ fashion ass whuppin’. This time The Unchained head back into the crystalline caverns with some troll backup. While the rest of the gang was gettin’ a beatin’ last session, Stilicho invoked the power of Rashomon to convince the trolls to rise up out of their fear and lethargy to fight back! It’s GO TIME Mr. Horror McBaddiepants!!!

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Session 14: Teeth In The Darkness

Having finally returned to The Reach, The Unchained find the troll community battered and in hiding. They quickly discovery that The Reach is under siege by an insidious and clever Horror. Skram immediately gets Horror Marked yet again. The Horror Stalker gives him the stink eye. They manage to track their prey to a cave system high up in the peaks…and get their collective asses beat! Using advanced tactical combat training, they return to their airship to lick their wounds. Vridich manages to not die the entire session.

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Session 13: Praying for Death

While training in Bartertown, The Unchained receive word that The Reach is under attack. They quickly assemble on the Dashing Stag and start flying towards the Twilight Peaks at new and improved speed. Unfortunately, the flight over the Servos Jungle proves too much and the crew is forced to make an emergency landing. While repairs are underway, Hannah is stolen from the ships quarters. Tracking her into the jungle, The Unchained have their first encounter with the corrupt Invae and witness the return of Vargaxes.

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Interludes – Down In Bartertown

King Neden holds audience with The Unchained upon their return to Throal. They inform him of the Theran floating city near Lake Ban. He offers to retrofit the Dashing Stag while everyone trains. Trejak and friends are brought up on charges of slavery before the Throalic authorities.

See previous sessions and journals

Heroes Unchained

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