A Weaponsmith trains to gain an iron will and a highly critical eye. Weaponsmiths help identify and create legendary weapons. To this end, the Discipline borrows abilities from both Elementalism and Wizardry. Nearly every community places great value on their Weaponsmiths.

Karma Ritual: To perform his Karma ritual, the Weaponsmith heats a thin strip of metal in a hot fire or forge. Over the next half hour, he fashions the metal into a blade, arrowhead, or spear-tip, but instead of forging an effective item, he intentionally tempers the metal too soon, making it brittle. The Weaponsmith then shatters the defective piece of metalwork. The ritual ends the instant the item breaks.

Half-Magic: Weaponsmiths may use half-magic when caring for weapons and armor and to recognize different types of weapons and armor used or worn by different Namegiver races or their creators. They may also make Half-Magic Tests in place of Craftsman Tests when making or repairing forged metal items, such as horse shoes, barrel stays, and the like.

Weaponsmiths gain access to the Craft Armor and Craft Weapon skills via half-magic. From Fifth Circle on, Weaponsmiths can create living armor with this ability.

Second Circle
Discipline Talent: Item History
Defense: The adept adds +1 to his Spell Defense.
Durability (6/5) – See House Rules on Durability
Third Circle
Discipline Talent: Abate Curse
Fourth Circle
Discipline Talent: Thread Smithing
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Willpower-only Tests.

Fifth Circle
Discipline Talent: Temper Self
Traveling Smithy: Taking 1 Strain per hour, the adept can create an impromptu forge or workshop required for making weapons or armor (or items he can craft that are no more complicated than these) while traveling, provided he has the minimum requirements necessary, such as a fire for working metal, and of course tools. The Traveling Smithy doubles the time required to craft any items.
Sixth Circle
Discipline Talent: Lion Heart
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on Perception-only Tests.
Seventh Circle
Discipline Talent: Spot Armor Flaw
Karma: The adept may spend 1 Karma Point on damage Tests made with weapons he produced himself.
Eigth Circle
Discipline Talent: Forge Armor
Karma: The adept adds +1 to his Spell Defense.


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