Step: Rank
Action: NA
Karma: No
Strain: 0

Versatility is a racial talent, available only to human adepts (see Versatility, p. 21).

A human adept with Versatility Ranks may learn talents from Disciplines other than his own, paying the same Legend Point cost as a member of that Discipline would to gain those talents. The adept must be trained by a member of the appropriate Discipline for each talent that he learns, something that many Disciplines do not always encourage their members to do. Training time and cost are determined by the gamemaster when learning from a gamemaster character, cost and time involved can get as high as training to advance to a Circle equal to the Circle the tutor learned the talent at. An adept may learn a number of talents from other Disciplines equal to his Versatility Rank. An adept cannot learn a talent from a Circle greater than his highest Discipline Circle. For example, if the adept’s highest Discipline Circle is Third Circle, he can learn talents from other Disciplines available to them at Third Circle or lower. As Talent Options can be learned at a range of Circles, they use the Circle the tutoring adept chose them at to determine if a human could learn them via Versatility. For example, a Novice Talent Option learned at Seventh Circle only can be learned by a Seventh Circle human adept, even if the tutor could have learned it at Second Circle.

Talents learned through the use of Versatility are never Discipline Talents. Also, the Versatility talent itself, and talents learned through use of the Versatility talent, do not count toward the requirements for advancing to a higher Circle (see Advancing Discipline Circles, p. 239). This means that adepts who consistently use Versatility to learn and improve talents from other Disciplines will generally take longer to advance through their own Discipline Circles. An adept cannot use Versatility to learn talents available to his own Discipline as Discipline Talents, but can learn talents available to his Discipline as Talent Options. For example, a Second Circle Archer cannot learn the Anticipate Blow talent from a Warrior, as Anticipate Blow is a Third Circle Discipline Talent for Archers, but could learn the Warrior’s Avoid Blow talent, despite having potential access to Avoid Blow from his Talent Options. By using the Versatility talent, human adepts may learn Thread Weaving and Summon talents other than those for their current Discipline. For example, a human Wizard could learn and improve Ranks in the Elementalism variant of Thread Weaving, and therefore learn how to cast Elementalism spells. See Human Versatility and Spellcasting, p. 132, for more information on how the Versatility talent applies to magicians and magic.


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